Roll cameras… Ready? Set… Action! Welcome to Hollywood Olliwood! Jump at the numerous sets, greenscreens and props for the newest addition to the indie hit! Grind, make flips and mind boggling tricks at (literal) neck breaking speeds! This awesome twitch game was developed by acclaimed studio Roll7 and makers of Not a Hero, and published by the fine folks at Devolver Digital.  Enjoy OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood!

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

This game is deceptively simple. You can use your keyboard to control your guy, but as is the case with twitch games you’re better off using a gamepad controller. You use your preferred input method- again, use your gamepad for the best experience possible- to prepare a trick. When you release your key/button, your character jumps high into the air where you can chain a combo. Then you land and score points… not.


If you don’t prepare your landing, you’ll go face first into the floor. Depending on the height, speed and location you were traveling, you will die and have to restart. If you’re lucky you just don’t score anything at all and have to continue shamefully having failed. What you must do is quickly tap the landing button, but not too quickly! If you wait right before you hit the ground, you’ll get a perfect score multiplayer instead of an OK one- the one you get for landing on your face is zero, of course.


The main feature of this game is the combo system. Compared to the first OlliOlli, this game introduced some tweaks to the tricks you can do. The addition of manuals (it’s a skateboard trick, not the documentation included in videogames) and reverts allows you to chain a combo indefinitely. It means you can have a score composed of a single gargantuan level spanning combo. Pulling it off is extremely satisfactory.

Behold… the claw!

The problem with twitch games is that eventually your hand will rebel against your body, your joints aching and fingertips blistered. Gameplay wise, this game is perfectly done. Save for the aforementioned additions, the game mechanics are almost a carbon copy of the original. The implementation is flawless. Which means that when you invariably have to hit the reset button, you will know that it is your fault.

OlliOlli2 is terribly engaging and addictive. When you get the hang of things, you know exactly why you messed up and what you should have done instead. So you try again. And again. And again. With amateur, pro and RAD -it’s not rad if it’s not in FULL CAPS- challenges, stretching across levels and levels and levels… it’s truly a “grind”, pun intended.

Because it’s just not enough to actually finish the level. Completing the Amateur challenges of a level unlocks the Pro ones. Unlocking all 250 of them gives you RAD challenges. The RAD levels are a replay of the 50 amateur and pro levels, but done to perfection. You could say that if you pull it off, you’re RAD!

Play with your friends and bragging rights

OlliOlli2 supports split screen multiplayer, up to four players in glorious couch gaming glory. Compete for the top spot with your friends, then jump to the Spots game mode. Spots are small snippets of levels, where you play for perfection to post your highscore online to the leaderboards. And then there are Daily Grinds.

Each day there is a new Grind. You play it like a Spot. Only once. You have one chance not to screw it up and post your victory to the leaderboards. Do you have what it takes to be the best? If not- and your gamepad is still in one piece- come back tomorrow and try again!

Apple, is that you?

Aesthetically, the game is pretty cool looking. Ditching the pixelated, blocky features of the previous game, OlliOlli2 seems like it jumped straight out of an old Apple commercial. It’s simple shapes and silhouettes allow for extremely flashy colors and vibrance. The eye popping eye candy- popping eye candy?- goes hand in hand with the fast paced, peppy music you would expect from a skateboarding game.

It makes easier to maintain that adrenaline rush and it flows perfectly with the game.

Who needs a story anyway?

You are playing skateboard in a hollywood Olliwood studio. Everything is a set piece. You can see soundstage people holding mics even! That’s it, that’s the story. The game doesn’t really need anything more, but they could have added a little more to make the single player levels feel like a more cohesive story. Maybe we can get a story mode in a future update, hopefully.


Give a skateboard to the Canabalt guy and enjoy the thumb crippling, stick destroying, RAD experience OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood gives you. A must have for twitch gaming fans and very recommended to people who have 3 spare controllers to play with friends.


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