Escape Goat 2 is the sequel to a 2D puzzle / platformer game that was the subject of much praise. Escape Goat 2 will make veteran PC and Mac players enjoy themselves with its irresistible retro gameplay. Join the skilled but stubborn animal protagonist on her quest to safety.

Developers Magical Time Bean really made a name for themselves with the original Escape Goat, a title that hit PCs and Xbox 360 consoles some time ago, in 2011. It was so successful that they were practically forced to almost immediately announce a sequel, which hit Mac and PC gaming systems in April 2014. It was published by Double Fine Productions, the company of game development extraordinaire Tim Schafer. Schafer said during the release of Double Fine Productions that in addition to developing their own games they would also be lending a hand to indie developers in getting their games published. Escape Goat 2 follows the same winning formula of the original. While the visual aspects of the game have been exploited to the max, it keeps almost the same playability. While some innovation may be missed, Escape Goat 2 is a great 2D puzzle / platformer game that will enthrall fans of said genres.

The game stars a purple goat. You have to help him to escape from the place where he is trapped, which is a tower that looks a lot like one of the scenarios from the earliest iterations of the Prince Of Persia or the Castlevania series. The place is filled with deadly traps and puzzles that you’ll have to sort in order to get to the upper level. The scenarios are comprised of static levels with a starting point, a finishing point (with a door) and a series of obstacles in the middle.

Escape Goat 2 masterfully combines elements from both the puzzle and the 2D platform gaming genres. While sometimes the game requires us to carefully calculate a jump in order to get to a further platform, there are other times in which we’ll have to make use of our wits in order to activate a series of traps or moving obstacles and traverse our way to safety. There are also a number of enemies that will require witty reasoning in order to defeat them or avoid them.

The goat isn’t alone in his ordeal. He can count in the help of a little mouse that can be tasked with moving through the background. As we have mentioned and explained before, we are in the presence of a game that reminds us of the golden age of 2D platformers, during de 8-Bit and 16-Bit consoles era. This covers the whole experience, including the difficulty, while it starts out simply, levels get more and more complicated and the later ones are nigh impossible.

Controls are truly great. The range of actions that can be performed is not so wide and, that is why it’s easy to get accustomed to. But the most important thing is that controls are completely intuitive and responsive, which is always welcome… even more for a game of this genre and with the high difficulty that we have mentioned before.

The overall length of the game is variable as well since it depends on the skill of each player and, above anything, of their willingness to explore the tower in which the adventure is set. It is not mandatory to complete every level to see the game’s ending, although avid players will definitely want to complete every level that this game has to offer.

Graphically it can be seen that the game is a marked improvement over its previous incarnation, being one of the highlights of this sequel. The retro inspirations still is present but this time we can enjoy a wider variety of scenarios, more detailed levels, more streamlined aesthetics and better color palette. Graphics remain simple still and the inspiration from 8 and 16-bit games is evident but, despite this, it is a very enchanting game.

The sound hasn’t been neglected either and the soundtrack is really great while the songs aren’t exceptional they create the perfect ambient for this game. The melodies are joined by a small array of sound effects though they do their job properly.

Because of all these reasons I think we are in the presence of a truly attractive game, especially for fans of retro games, of which Escape Goat 2 is a great addition to the genre. Once you’re caught by its charm, you won’t be able to stop playing until you have finished.

Veteran players and fans of classic 2D platformers will be totally delighted with this sequel to the acclaimed Escape Goat. Beyond the presence of this curious protagonist, we are facing a title that can perfectly combine platformers with non-stop puzzles. While it only may be a slight innovation over the original in a genre that was already established by a multitude of games before this one, it is nonetheless a highly recommendable game.

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