XMPT Games was founded as a five person indie studio in Winchester, UK. The team aims to make innovative games that provide unique twists on classic genres and concepts, they now bring us DiscStorm. Will DiscStorm bring the thunder and lightning down hard or fizzle out from lack of moisture in the atmosphere? Lets set a forecast for this game shall we.


DiscStorm (8)

DiscStorm is a fast paced 2d action game that takes place in an arena like setting, where split second reactions are necessary to avoid oncoming flying disc that ricochet at ludicrous speed and monsters that inhabit the arenas, including a variety of different creatures anywhere from a zombie to a golem.  The player can brave single player and fend wave after wave, with the occasional mini boss and main boss of each stage staring you in the face wanting to kill your very existence. The player if he dares can also enter the arena with friends in the multiplayer feature for intense combat, for the glory of bragging rights or cooperative play to fend off waves of enemies. I will mostly be discussing the single player aspect of this addicting game. The player can choose from five different characters however, while all the characters look different they all have the same dialogue in single player and play the same that is a bit of a letdown in terms of story and character development.

DiscStorm’s gameplay is amazing for such a simple concept you start out at a dojo that houses your master who teaches you the ropes of the mechanics, which are extremely fluent and easy to understand. There are five main mechanics that make this game really shine, which is the aim mechanic which allows you to aim in any direction. The ricochet mechanic which allows the player to ricochet the aimed projectile off walls and columns. There is also the Catch mechanic which allows you to catch your own disc in mid-flight. The Dash mechanic which allows the player to dash when they are out of ammo, that helps your dodge and regroup, and the reflect mechanic which allows you to reflect almost any projectile. The player only has three disc to shoot at all times they can pick them up off the ground or catch them mid-flight making for some amazing gameplay. Each arena has a different environmental mechanic that makes the arena more challenging than just a background. Anywhere from random thunderstorms with heavy winds to, a borderless stage that slings you around to the other side.

The graphics are extraordinary for this game in particularly the environments and the boss battles. Each environment is small in design but makes up for it with the changes of climate and random environmental changes make the scenery look phenomenal. Each arena has a completely different feel to them anywhere from an Aztec temple to freaking outer space it has it all.

The sound quality of this game is simplistic yet impactful at the same time, the sound of the disc being thrown is one of the major sounds you will hear a lot of and it is amazing to hear how well done XMPT has depicted it to sound. The ricochet sounds straight up impactful the way it feels seems like a perfect fit for the sound it produces. the reflect and pickup sounds are  similar in a way that one is quieter than the other and the other sounds a little more metal reflecting off metal. All in all the sounds mesh well bringing this game even more flavor.

The music is by far the key selling point in this game, each stage has its own unique musical score that sounds extremely intense. Even the title, stage select, and character select have this 8bit retro rock style music that just sounds like a symphony of perfection in your ears. The temple has a concussive beat that makes it sound tribal in a since, while areas like the pirate ship have this 8bit shanty sounding music that just fits in perfectly while fighting against a horde of pirates while on a titling ship. Each stage has a great musical presence bestowed upon it. All of the music being perfect for each stage makes this game truly a one of a kind gem.

This game is almost perfection for what it is going for. It is a fun action arena based scenario that can be enjoyed in all forms of criteria from gameplay to music. It has very few blemishes and a lot of strong solid feats. By blemishes, I mean it is very short on the story and level side with very little replay value, since a good player can memorize the spawns and patterns of a stage and probably speed run it fairly quickly. Also the lack of character personality and play style is another nitpick that I feel is lacking. The final blemish is the occasional bug that happens in a certain stage that makes you have to restart from the last checkpoint because you cannot reach the monster due to the environment to advance to the next part of the wave.  Other than these three little issues the rest of the game is pretty much flawless with its amazing graphics, great gameplay mechanics, decent sound quality, and phenomenal melodic scores.

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