Kyn is being developed by Tangrin, an independent video game studio residing in the Netherlands. Does Tangrin’s game show its mettle? Let us delve in and find out.


Kyn is a tactical action – RPG that combine’s real time strategy and puzzle elements, Kyn revolves around team based combat rather than a singular hero. The game intends to place the emphasis on cooperative skills between the groups, in which you control allowing for more than one way to deal with a group of enemies. As the game progresses the enemies become more intelligent and require more preparation to combat. You can have up to a party of six heroes total to build and setup as you see fit.

The game play for Kyn is really well done, bringing real time strategy to combat between swapping characters for certain situations, to the puzzle elements between missions. Unlike normal rpgs where you level up by killing creatures or completing quest, in Kyn you have missions in which you leave the major city to go and search for survivors. The mission upon completion rewards you with points that you can invest in three categories, Mind, Body, and Control. Mind is the mage or healer route which is good for long ranged and keeping your allies alive. Body is the warrior route being a tank to hold the front lines or a devastating damage dealer to bring down foes at close range. Control is the archer route providing cover fire or traps to control the enemies’ advances. The player can build each hero to meet their criteria of the group’s needs. Heroes can have two skills and a feed skill that requires a certain feed stone to empower it and make it a totally different skill. Feed stones are similar to rune stones and will be found throughout the game. One issue with the combat would be that camera angles in certain areas make it hard to navigate or fight because the player will have a hard time moving and focusing their attacks.

Next let’s discuss the audio of the game. Kyn really has a simplistic audio so there really is not much to talk about in this regard. There is the occasional combat sounds like spells going off, players taking damage, blocking or enemies grunting. The sounds are very minimal and to the player that might break the immersion of the combat aspect of the game. The environment does not have any background noises so that to can break the immersion of the game.

The Story for this game is put together pretty well, it is a simple story, one that makes you feel like the heroes coming to the rescue of towns under siege while looking for survivors. The story takes place with Alrik and Bram, two heroes that just finished a ritual for becoming Magni, the magic Vikings that protect villages and people from harm. The story surrounds these two as they explore the world only to find that it is even more dangerous than before.

Musical scores in this game are extremely lacking, within each stage the player will hear one musical score that constantly loops throughout the stage. That will make music repetitive, although the music for the environment fits perfectly for that particular stage, the music will grow old quick. There is just simply not enough music to really draw you into the immersion of each individual level.

The graphics of Kyn are not as breath-taking as some of the other RPGs we are familiar with, nor do they need to be. The game portraits itself in a way that it does not rely on top notch graphics like other RPGs. The graphics are pretty decent for what it is trying to set out and accomplish which allows us the player to depict a world of dangerous and destructive creatures.

In conclusion, Kyn has the potential to be something great, only time will tell how this game will turn out as it is still in the development phase. As of right now though the game is severely lacking in the sounds and music department which breaks the immersion a little, however makes up all of that for the game play and that is the key component in any game. Personally I look forward to the changes this game will bring in future development.

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