Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 3

Telltale is back for more with the next instalment of Tales From the borderlands episode three Catch-A-Ride. Can we expect the same greatness that the last two instalments have shown us? I believe it is time to look into this Pandora’s box and find out.

Tales From the Borderlands – Episode: 3 Catch-A-Ride

Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3 Catch-A-Ride is by far the best and most comical of the series thus far It sets up its phenomenal characters, both familiar and new, in a handful of chaotic situations and the playing field of Rhys, Fiona, and friends expand to a universal level to present tough decisions, satisfying results, and intriguing mysteries throughout the course of this segment.

The best thing about this episode in particular is the fact that it feels like you are playing two totally different games. The final decision you make in Episode Two, Atlas Mugged greatly impacts the entire story of episode three. Your narrative path is determined by the choices the player has made in a desperate situation as all the enemies closed in on Rhys and Fiona in Atlas Mugged’s last minute, and that choice will set you on a path that follows Rhys or Fiona more closely. Other characters caught in the war zone will also undergo significant changes as well.

Catch a ride takes all of the things we love about Episode One and Two and continues to mesh them together. Your ragtag crew, hyperion suits, violent and dastardly crime syndicates, and even vault hunters all engage in a series of action packed scenes. Of course throughout the entirety, Telltale’s spot-on humor still comes through in full, especially during your dialogue decisions.

After making your last decision in Episode Two, you can play through the entirety that is Episode Three without even seeing the full story it has to offer.So if you want to see both sides of the story and experiance every outcome, you’ll have to follow the episode twice to discover both possible outcomes. It is a little confusing, and a time investor, but it is time well spent. Catch a Ride’s two versions offer their own breathtaking moments and amazing humor, so it is definitely worth playing twice.

Catch a ride also calls back to its previous installments in meaningful ways, deepening the story and giving players thought for some in depth pondering.Remember Felix, Fiona and Sasha’s Con artist father? His story unfolds in a huge way within episode three, turning everything the ladies thought they knew into a contortion of trails in vault hunting more emotional than physical.

As the two begin to come to fruition with this new information and work together with Rhys and Vaughn, Rhys is grappling with his own demons (Handsome Jack) the voice living in his head.

Once again Depending on the player’s decisions, the ghost of Handsome Jack is either trying to gain more control over rhys’ body or completely convinced Rhys to trust his guidance. Both these events cause some remarkable intense situations between the two, and the growing idea that Jack’s ghost as a new threat weighs in even more to an already thrilling and action packed series.

A huge chunk of Episode Three takes place in a gorgeous dome filled with some beautiful, but eerie scenery. Players will get to experience walking through this moonlit grove and explore the alien wildlife and flora.This setting is a drastic change from the barren deserts and dirty factories which most of the scenes have taken place in thus far.

The main highlight of this episode is Gortys, who in the span of this episode her personality shines the most and is a key factor of this episode. Her sweet naive nature is completely mixed with the harsh reality of Pandora, which makes every single one of her scenes brilliant. From the strange Dialogue between her and Loader bot, to the comical ways she deals with her first take on morality, Gortys is a character that fits right in with the Borderlands universe.

In conclusion, The closing moments of Tales From the Borderlands Episode Three Catch-A-Ride leave the characters everyone knows and loves in some incredible dangerous moments. Lives are at stake, the bad guys have the upper hand, and the final reveal of where telltale is taking this series will leave many on the edge of their seat with high expectations on the next installment.

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