Telltale is back with another episode of Tales From the Borderlands, after being delayed a few times it is finally back with the next piece of the puzzle that is Pandora. Will this game continue to live up to the expectations of the first episode. Do not touch that dial! Let us investigate this further shall we.

Tales From the Borderlands Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged

While Tales from the borderlands episode two is much shorter than any of the other recent telltale games, it utilizes this brief episode in phenomenal ways. The consistency between action sequences, humorous back-and-forth banter, and  some amazing character moments. Each member the player’s group is fleshed out, introducing new characters and provide the player with new interesting personalities.

This short installment of Tales From the Borderlands takes everything you know and love from the first episode and starts with a bang. The opening scene you are forced to go to absurd and gut wrenching lengths just to bypass a retinal scan. Characters are still constantly thrown into the fray of insane situations where they just can not seem to catch any moment of relaxation.

This episode is full of memorable interactivity and crucial, but humorous moments. Most of them centering around the holographic ghost of Handsome Jack. Rhys can deal with him in many different ways, be it through fear or admiring him like a fanboy, leads to some of the funniest dialogue Telltale has ever written. Within each tidbit of dialogue rhys’ personality is further developed and the bond between him and Vaughn transforms and the links between all of the borderland games become more intertwined with each other.

Fiona’s side of the story is on the more quiet and emotional ride. How you choose to have Fiona and Sasha’s predicament from the conclusion of the first episode is entirely up to the player’s decisions. The player gets to mold the two characters based on the choices made with the interactions these two share. Whether Fiona Decides to take the higher road, or plots to get revenge leads to some really tough decisions. Do you help Sasha by fueling the fire of feeling betrayed and seeking revenge or try to calm her down at the risk of growing apart?

It is solid proof that this is another amazing feats of telltale’s story development that these two totally different sides the storyare threaded together without evercontorting the feel of the actual plot. Seeing the same events from both sides, back and forth Pandora to see how the players decisions impact the others, trying to figure out how going to solve their present situations to the unforeseen future scenes change based on the player’s choices.

Episode 2 Still has the spunk from episode 1 and continues to thrive adding new intriguing characters , situations, and environments to an already amazing ride makes this game still one of a kind. One of the many Different character that stand out is scooter, a mechanic that might be the most dumbfounded person on Pandora, but also one of the most loyal companions you will come across during your adventure.

Telltale has creative moments with humor that draws from its game play mechanics and will sometimes break the fourth wall. An example of this having characters pose and stare at the player when introduced completely confusing all the other characters around them as to what they are staring at, just adds to the amazing and many jokes that you’ll come across throughout Atlas Mugged.

In conclusion, Telltale’s Tales From the Borderlands : Atlas Mugged shows us the most out of its short episode by packing every scene with humorous dialogue, emotional rides, and hard but necessary decisions. Old characters gain additional layers to their creative personality, new characters steal the scenes they are in, and the final scene slings the mystery of Pandora forward and making you wanting more. This wild ride has only just begun and many players have only just began to crack the surface of this amazing game.

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