“Where’s Godzuki?”

Available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4(tested)

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When someone says Godzilla, you instantly think of a giant lizard fueled by atomic energy that wrecks everything in its path, be it buildings or other creatures like it (Kaijus). It has such a rich lore that has been expanding since 1954, that you would think a game based on it would be at the very least decent. It’s not. The game sucks. Hard.

The game puts you in the skin of the infamous dakaiju and your goal is plain and simple: wreck stuff, grow in size, wreck kaijus, and keep wrecking stuff. That’s the premise of the game’s main mode, called God of Destruction; you traverse a tree of stages, where you can choose your path whenever a forking appears and your objective in every single stage is to break G-energy Generators, which Godzilla so desperately seek. Eventually a Kaiju appears in every stage, so you stop your little hellish Sunday strolling to punch the rival monster in the face. Thing is, every fight, regardless of the enemy, is mostly the same and gets reduced to timing and button smashing, spamming the same combos over and over again.

That’s Godzilla – The Game in a nutshell. It has a couple of modes more, such as King of Kaiju Mode, which is basically a time attack mode where you battle 6 random kaijus in a row with whichever kaiju you want to use (you unlock other kaijus for every mode by playing God of Destruction mode, facing a specific kaiju and gathering materials in order to unlock it). Then you have a Vs Mode, which is the online feature and it’s all about playing some 1vs1 or 1vs1vs1 fights with a kaiju of your choice. Spoilers: it’s laggish as hell, making the already slow and dull combat even slower and duller. Finally, you have an Evolution Mode, where you can use all the items collected in God of Destruction Mode to unlock or upgrade any of the kaijus. There are around 20 kaijus, Godzilla being the one that has more upgrade options, but still, every other kaiju has like 8 upgrades and every one of them require items that you obtain by playing God of Destruction or King of Kaiju modes. Items that drop in a fairly short quantity and will require some serious grinding that I’m not ready for. Not with a game that looks like this.

Godzilla – The Game released both for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, yet it manages to look like a PlayStation 2 game that runs at 30 fps and it has the nerve to drop frames every now and then. Don’t ask me how it makes to underperform like this, but the game looks almost soulless. The Kaijus models are the “best” in graphical terms and still are nowhere around today’s or yesterday’s standards. The different stages are poorly designed, look heavily outdated and on top of all that, they repeat as you progress through the game, only changing between daytime and nighttime, with some dawn thrown here and there. The same goes for the game’s music, which is made of 5 or 6 songs max and keep repeating over and over again.

As for the gameplay, when you are told that in order to rotate left or right you have to press and hold L1 or R1, you know you are down for serious business. It’s not that bad when you get used to it, but sometimes, when you want to turn 180 it gets really annoying, at least until you get some of the upgrades. You also have a normal attack button, a heavy attack button and some special moves. But once you get the hang of it, gameplay is reduced to perform the normal combo, charge towards the enemy and finish with an atomic breath (at least for Godzilla).

Should you play it? Absolutely not. And there’s nothing more to be said about it, the game gets old after an hour of playing it and on top of that, it bolsters the hefty 60 dollars price tag. Again, don’t play it, not even if you are a huge Godzilla fan.

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