Welcome to the last? MK X DLC insight! This time it’s Tremor’s turn, the “brown” ninja who made its first appearance in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces and now, thanks to fan demand, sees his debut in a proper Mortal Kombat title.

Basically Tremor is a pissed off Lin Kuei ninja that went rogue and joined the Black Dragon. He possesses the ability to control earth in various ways, as the different variations showcase. Pair that with his ninja skills and he makes a fairly decent “earth bender”. Let’s start off with his standard movement set. Right off the bat, most of Tremor’s regular combos hit hard and that’s a good thing. There’s one combo in particular which I’m really fond off, which hits low and then lets you pop up the enemy into the air, in order to juggle. Add that to the fact that he possesses a normal that also sends the enemy into juggle stance and you have yourself a pretty cool depth within the Lin Kuei renegade.

As for special movements, Tremor has quite a few under his sleeve and most of them are shared through variations, albeit modified in some way, making his 3 variations very different one from another. Tremor’s core special move set includes Earth Shake, that stands out from the rest, as it is a 3 hit ground hitting unblockable movement, ideal to cast when you have finished a combo and your enemy is still on the ground. Then you have Rock Drop, which sends off some boulders that shortly after being casted, hit the enemy Overhead (distance can be regulated with the d pad). Also in the arsenal is Rock Toss, a curve projectile, similar to Cage’s one; Stone Punch, which works very similar to Jax’s “Superman punch”, meaning you can hit straight, or instead press Down after executing it, to hit overhead and pop your enemy up; and Stone Shatter, a move that lets Tremor create a boulder and hold it in order to then explode it either high, mid or low at a close range (the ex-version pops the enemy up).

As for the variations, he has 3, as every other character in the game, and play around different rock compositions mostly:

Aftershock: The most “normal” of the variations, Aftershock adds two movements to Tremor’s core set: Ground Pulse, which after activation sets off a brief countdown to then unleash a low hitting attack across the ground (timer is nullified if Tremor gets hit) and Air Earthquake, and aerial movement that hits low and works wonders. That’s mostly it for Aftershock, a variation that relays most of the time on set ups.

Metallic: Here is where things get nasty. Metallic adds some gold to Tremor look, making his move set more “solid” and thus modifying how they work (for instance, one of his core special movements become a low bouncing proyectile). But this variation gets interesting with the Lava Skin ability, that at any time during the match, lets Tremor change into lava mode, adding a burning effect to all of his special moves, and also adding a stance reset to one of his movements (similar to Erron Black’s Sand Toss, but more powerful, as hitting an enemy in the air results in him being paralyzed and standing in the ground). You can switch between Gold and Lava skins as you see fit during the match.

Crystalline: Similar to the previous variations, but with one radical addition: Tremor can now summon an interactable object. Said interactable can be used either to bounce on it so as to perform a boosted jump, or can be tossed into the enemy. Keep in mind only one object at a time can be summoned and that your enemy can use it too. The rest of the moveset remains the same, only with the visual modification the variation brings.

That was Tremor, our last character of, as said in the Kombat Kast, Kombat Pack 01, hinting probably that more DLC characters are on the way. Tremor has been available to buy since yesterday, but if you are on the fence about acquiring him, you can try the character in this week’s Premier Tower, which lets you play as the earth ninja for 6 matches.

Oh, and by the way, he has two of the most awesome fatalities in the whole game.

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