Welcome to another MK X DLC insight! As done previously with Jason and Tanya, it’s now the turn to give you some insight on MKX’s roster latest addition: Predator. The “Ugly mother*cker” makes his debut in the Mortal Kombat series hitting like a tank and showing off some interesting moves, so let’s dive into it right away.

Drawing inspiration from the first two movies, Predator basic move set makes use of the weapons displayed in said movies, such as the smart discs, a lance and the infamous dual claw. The last two weapons provide Predator with a fairly decent reach (burning the claws movement leaves your rival in the air), while the smart discs (also usable midair) gives you some space control and can also be used to maintain your prey in the air a little longer. As for the base combos, there are some interesting strings: 2,1,2 is an all mid combo which leaves your enemy in the air; 3, Down+2 is a very tricky overhead, low, overhead combo, ideal to put your foe’s blocking to test .There are other notable combos, most of them end in an overhead hit, which is always better. It’s worth mentioning that Predator also possess a stealth that doesn’t go away on hit, more so, it mitigates chip damage while active!

Now, let’s speak a little about variations in order to see what they add to the core move set:

Warrior: Hands down my favorite one. Warrior gives Predator 3 very powerful and useful movements. These are Yautja Strike, which is a leaping overhead that can be performed also in midair and that on ground can be performed at three different distances, meter burn version is great for wake up attacks; Dread Slam, which throws the enemy into the air, but without the possibility to juggle, unless you meter burn the attack; and my personal favorite, Self-Detonate, which basically starts a timer and after a few seconds Predator “blows up”, taking 10% damage but making a 5% unblockable damage on the enemy that also leaves it high in the air to juggle. This last one is a very powerful attack, since once you activate the timer you can go and combo your opponent and then wait for the explosion to happen, giving you very interesting possibilities to keep the string going (I was able to pull off a 48% with only one bar, it’s pretty insane). The meter burned version does the same damage to the enemy, but Predator takes 5% of damage instead of 10%. Keep in mind that if you are hit and you don’t block, the effect will be canceled.

Hunter: This is the set up variation, which adds two movements to Predator’s core set: Medi-Kit, which heals 5% instantly (10% meter burned) and Snag, which is land mine that can be shot at three different distances and takes a second to activate. Once active, if the enemy steps on it, it will hit low and leave the foe hanging upside down in order for you to combo in. The meter burned version activates as soon as it reaches the ground, which is cool if you don’t want to lose momentum during a string.

Hish-Qu-Ten: My least preferred variation, Hish-Qu-Ten adds the infamous plasma cannon to Predator’s shoulder, giving him some projectile alternatives in any direction and also in midair- The meter burned version of the Plasma Shot increases the shots by 3. It’s basically a zoning variation.

So, there you have it, Predator’s quick overview. I’m playing Warrior Predator a lot and it’s really fun, he is a fine addition to the roster. As with Jason, the guys at Netherrealm put all their love while designing a character from another franchise, from the intro and outro scenes through the iconic laugh and also the special scene when you select Cage and Jax with their Predator-themed skins.

We have only one DLC character left for the time being (Tremor), which I will be also covering when he realeases. Until then, any doubts about Predator, do not hesitate to post it in the comments below, I will try to address it as soon as possible.

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