Our favourite cannibal of tv-media has returned for his third season and it hits with the hardness of a marble statue.

Lovely blood

This first episode of Hannibal shows that the events of season two finale gave birth to a splitting in the general plot of Hannibal story as told by original author Thomas Harris. As we have seen on promotional takes, this season will tackle the ‘red dragon’ events (described in ‘Manhunter’ and later in ‘The Red Dragon’) while in the first episode we were exposed to events that happen in ‘Hannibal’ (Palazio Cappona, the curator…).
Maybe, we’ll be delighted with a serie of flashbacks or maybe not. The story has already been change and it turned out far better than the original movies. While Jonathan Demme did a fair job with ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and we can say that both ‘Manhunter’ (Michael Mann) and ‘Red Dragon’ (Brett Ratner, YES, THE DUDE THAT DESTROYED X-MEN) are ok, ‘Hannibal’ and that awful prequel (‘Hannibal, Teen Angst’ or some shit like that) didn’t reach the standards.

Bloody lovely

The first episode was an exact representation of all we came to love and enjoy with this gruesome drama. Beautiful art direction. Excellent cinematography that blended colourful preciousism (that hat Bedelia) and black and white. Hannibal and Bedelia (Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson) mixes erotism with fear at equal doses that are represented through subtle changes in the score. The ominous note is always behind. Sometimes far. Sometimes taking over completely of the situation.

Hannibal is one of that rare jewels that academy leaves behind for his depictions. With the ending of ‘Mad Men’ there’s no other series better directed.

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