Now it’s an appropriate time to start writing about idle clicker games, since Valve has instituted a F2P idle clicker game as part as their 2015 “Monster Summer Sale” campaign. Idle clicker games have been around for a few years now but have started gaining massive popularity only recently. There is, right now, a plethora of titles in this genre.

Idle clicker games are games in which playability is completely or partly optional. Tap Heroes is one of the latest additions into this genre. Tap Heroes was developed and released by varagtp Studios, that has developed 9 other games that you can get DRM-Free for five dollars in their website. Of all the games they have developed Tap Heroes definitely is the most ambitious one, being released on multiple platforms: Android, iOS, and on Microsoft Windows through the Valve Steam distribution platform.

In Tap Heroes you can tap (or click) onto the right side of the screen and that will definitely yield more coins, gems and experience points. Or you can sit back and watch your playable characters do the job. Either way, the level of participation is totally decided by the player.

The game’s main screen is pretty informative, with indicators of the heroes hit points, the enemies’ hit points, the amount of gold and gems that we have collected so far and the amount of enemies that you will have to defeat in order to get to the next stage. The “stats” and the “achievements” sections are also there. One thing that I didn’t like about the interface is the fact that there is an in-game shop but there’s no description on what the items that can be bought do.

Gold and gems are the two types of currency used in this game. Gold is used to upgrade the heroes’ skills as well as the player’s skills. That means, the amount of damage performed to an enemy when you tap onto the right side of the screen or the amount of hit points restored to your heroes when you tap onto the left side of the screen. If you choose not to tap the heroes will perform both tasks but way more slowly.

Gems are the “premium currency” and they are rarely dropped by defeating bosses or by winning certain achievements. They are used to unlock powerful player-controlled abilities such as a “tidal wave” that blows an enemy out of the stage, but such abilities have very long cooldowns. Participating is required to win more gems, as opposed to gold that you can earn plenty and by the ton while offline. Gems can also be used to improve heroes into stronger and better versions of themselves.

The game’s graphics were designed in 2D using the Unity Engine and they look gorgeous. They appear to be the perfect blend of pixel art and cut out cardboard puppets. The stages unfold like pages of a pop-up children’s book. The heroes look great and their appearance is highly reminiscent of typical 8-bit or 16-bit RPG character classes. The enemies and game stages look awesome too, despite the fact that varagtp Studios used heavy palette swapping in order to create more stages and enemy types. The music sounds great, although it tends to get rather repetitive after a few hours of gameplay.

To conclude this review, Tap Heroes is an attractive idle clicker game with a lot of pseudo-gameplay and content to offer. Though it may discourage more orthodox gamers, if you’re already used to this genre it will totally delight you. I’d say: Go with it. At only three dollars at full price it’s really a treat.


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