Dying Light - The Bozak Horde DLC

In the zombie-infested Turkish city of Harran, Dying Light casts players as an undercover operative assigned to infiltrate the quarantined metropolis and track down a troublesome political figure. Unfortunately, there are survivors begging for his help and zombies all over the damn place. We must scavenge for supplies, help survivors, and avoid or take down all the brain-eaters in the way using fast-paced parkour mechanics and lots of melee fighting.

“The Bozak Horde” is the largest and most intense DLC to date. It delivers a new mode for players to refresh their Dying Light experience. Players will gain access to the infamous Harran Stadium in the heart of Sector 0 where the government lost their first battle against the virus. Here, they will test their combat and parkour know-how in a series of sadistically challenging trials. The support for online leaderboards, strong focus on co-op gameplay, and addition of competitive elements create altogether a major expansion that lets players experience the game in completely new ways.

Who is Bozak?

Apparently, a sadistic man who has too much time on his hands. We will need to survive his brutal challenges to learn more about the man who organized the quarantine zone challenges.

What’s new?

A brand new game mode and challenge – We can go alone or team up with friends and beat Bozak’s game with the highest score. The newly introduced leaderboards will allow us to compete with others and become the very best Dying Light player in the world. Bragging rights matter, and also the juicy reward: a stealth and deadly compound hunting bow to be used with electric, incendiary or exploding arrows that we can earn with additional trials.

Inviting friends is no longer the easy way out either. Even a team of four seasoned survivors will have their combat and parkour skills thoroughly tested against sadistic trials that would make anyone sweat!.

Is there anything else?

Not really. But it makes sense since The Bozak Horde is only $9.99 and is already included in the Dying Light Season Pass (which is also part of the Dying Light Ultimate Edition that comes with a few weapons and outfits). This is not a new game, only a set of fresh challenges to let fans further enjoy their favorite game and/or motivate them to come back if they have beaten the game already. If you are at the other end of the spectrum and the game doesn’t appeal you, keep walking. You won’t get a different opinion of the game with this DLC.


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