The creators of BlockStorm set out to create a game that combines the best qualities of both Minecraft and the latest incarnations of the Call Of Duty series. It is only logical to do that, since those are two of the biggest selling and most critically successful franchises from latest years. Did they succeed? You are about to find out.


BlockStorm was developed by Italian developer GhostShark Games. They have previously released a racing game called Goscurry for PC and a puzzle game called Jelly All Stars for iOS mobile devices. Blockstorm was published by IndieGala, a company that always gives us the best indie games at great prices.

What is the basic formula behind BlockStorm? It’s simple, grab the blocky characters from Minecraft and give them high caliber guns and explosives to shoot each other in highly moddable and destructable environments. Almost everything in this game is highly customizable: The characters and especially the maps.

The playability is up to the challenge as well. The controls are the classic FPS controls and work adequately well. It plays out similarly to old school arcade deathmatch FPS games like Quake or Unreal rather than to modern military shooters such as Battlefield and Call Of Duty. There is no 360noscope or other shenanigans that requires superhuman abilities. Just regular running, shooting and jumping. And occasionally blowing up stuff. There is a sizable quantity of weapons to choose, ranging from pistols and submachineguns to semi-automatic rifles, assault rifles, light machineguns and rocket launchers.

Even if you’re not a creative person, you can download and play literally tonnes of community-made player models or maps. You can still enjoy this game even if you’re not an art major. For creative people, BlockStorm is the Holy Grail because of the sheer amount of creative tools that allow heavy customization. You can build a replica of your house, some architectural landmark in your town or let your imagination go wild… and then blow everything to pieces as you fight to death with your buddies.

On my first match I chose a player model that looked a lot like John Rambo from the Rambo series of films. There is a huge selection of player models to choose from with the game but you can also download user-made models. I found myself fighting to death with a Clone Trooper from the Star Wars film series and “Captain Hopper“, a character created and made famous across the world by the late Mexican comedian “Chespirito“. Immediately after my first match (and getting horribly pwned by veteran players) I visited the Steam Workshop page of BlockStorm to see what I could find. The results were tantalizing as there is an enormous variety of player models and maps.

There are several game modes, including but not limited to Classic Deatmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and many, many more. With a growing community, this game keeps getting more entertaining and challenging. The things that I regret is the lack of offline mode with bots, singleplayer story mode or tutorials. Again, I hope those get added soon in the near future through the use of updates.


All things considered, BlockStorm is a very decent arcade deathmatch FPS flavored with some great creative tools. There is a near infinite potential for this game, as its content can grow as much as the imagination of its community allow it to. You should totally get it, if not for the creativity for the amazing blocky graphics or the enticing playability.


  1. Just going to say, as a veteran player, workshop builder and frequent to the community, that there are quite a few offline mode maps for you to download and play, albeit not actually part of the game when you download but made by the growing community. Heck, I’m making one now! There are two AI’s in the game, including the zombie and the slim turret, which have been implemented to be added to maps. With this, I myself made a parkour map, and am starting on a single player campaign map. My friend however has made a load of them and tests them with me, here is his workshop page here if you insist on playing single player in this game:

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