As done previously with Jason, it’s now the turn to give you some insight on MKX’s roster latest addition. As done with Jason, owners of the Kombat Pack can download Tanya since yesterday, while the pack itself (Tanya + Klassic Skins) will become available to those who don’t possess the pack on June 9th. I’ve been playing with all her variations, so let’s get into it right away.

As it can be seen in the game’s Story Mode, Tanya is an Edenian rebel, aiding Mileena in her quest to overthrow Kotal Kahn reign. She’s a very agile character that can cover long distances in short time, thanks to some swift moves and a bidirectional teleport (which also works in the air). She has decent normal, with one of them able to start some juggling (forward + 3). As for her specials, in addition to her aforementioned teleport, Tanya counts with an overhead spin kick, a dashing low attack that can be meter burned into combo and two aerial moves, one hitting low, and the other overhead. As every character in the game, Tanya has an X-Ray move, and can be only performed in the air.

Now, onto variations, which give Tanya some really cool options:

Pyromancer: This adds a ground and an air fireball to Tanya’s arsenal. The ground one is very reminiscent of Johnny’s fireball, letting you decide the arc in which the fireball will be shot. The air fireball works in a similar fashion, as you can choose how far you want to throw it. But what it really gives you a bang for your buck here is a little movement called Dark Shroud. An enemy hit with this special will be VERY vulnerable to Tanya’s fireballs, increasing the projectile’s damage drastically (there’s also a combo string that takes advantage of this effect).

Kobu Jutsu: It wouldn’t be Tanya without a tonfa variation. Kobu Jutsu adds lots of combo strings and normal thanks to the tonfas, as well as some specials. You also have projectile here, that can be meter burned into a combo. The other special consists of three command inputs that result in a flurry of strikes. The third command input can be meter burned into a combo. The true strength of this variation is the addition of normals and combo strings.

Dragon Naginata: Last but not least, this variation adds a naginata to Tanya’s arsenal, giving her a lot of reach with her normal. She also gains a couple of combos and a “stance”: whenever you jump and press Down+2, Tanya will land on her naginata, making her next move unpredictable. While in this stance, she can either choose to hit low, overhead or not to hit at all and cancel the stance. It’s worth noting that this stance can be activated also by a meter burned special kick that resembles a lot of Kung Jin’s Bojutsu kick.

From what I have been playing, I have found Kobu Jutsu to be my favorite variation, having long combo strings and also a projectile.

So, there you have it, Tanya in a nutshell. Another good addition to the ever growing roster, I will make the same complaint as I did with Jason: Give us some alternative costumes for these DLC characters.

I will be writing these articles for every new character the game adds, so stay tuned for when they release either Predator or Tremor. And also, any doubts about Tanya, do not hesitate to post it in the comments below, I will try to address it as soon as possible.

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