Undead shooter Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies will receive a huge content update at the end of June, with the arrival of ‘Into the Darkness’ expansion.

‘Into the Darkness’ will hit on 24th June and adds brand new maps and scenarios for single player mode and multiplayer PvE and PvP modes.

“Into the Darkness is without a doubt the biggest and most exciting expansion we’ve ever released for Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies” said Rob Noble, from Nexon Europe. “The development team have really concentrated on delivering a ton of new, nail-biting, zombie focused content to our loyal community. I can’t wait for them to take a good bite out of it all.”

Zombie Giant is the first addition to the title, a new multiplayer mode that pits a team of players against human controlled, enormous, towering bosses. Devastatingly powerful attacks will be at the boss’ disposal, so the team will really need to work together to take down the Giants. Thankfully, they have some serious firepower on their side, in the form of UAV Strikes and the XT-300 Goliath Mech.

Zombie Files is a new single player mode that puts brains over brawn, as players must use whatever tools and weapons they can scavenge to survive. Sneaky techniques and tactics take a front seat in this tense mode – new Stealth mechanics, such as using sound to lure zombies, and silently brutal executions have been implemented. While, those that players that succeed will uncover the secret origins of CSN:Z’s undead.

Zombie Darkness is a brand new PvP mode, which sees a team players struggle to survive a night against a team of zombies – including an all-new wall climbing class. A daytime/night time cycle temporarily gives an advantage to each team respectively, while new Human abilities, such as sprint and kick will aid the humans in their battle for survival.

The ‘Into the Darkness’ expansion also introduces Season 4 of Zombie Scenario to CSN:Z, further fleshing out story focused content and delivering intense new boss characters and battles. While, ‘Hellride’ is a brand new, cooperative PvE, Zombie Shelter map, that has players trapped on a traincar, as they desperately try to keep it defended and most importantly, moving forward.

Nexon Europe also announced that going forward CSN:Z will be localised to Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish to support the inclusion of South American territories. It was also revealed that Middle Eastern and North African regions will soon be able to get in on the undead action.

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