Microsoft’s work to seize a segment of the mobile market has been slow but steady. Versions of the popular Windows operating system have been around since as early as 1996 (first for Tablets and Pocket PCs), but without much success. It was not until the partnership with Nokia in 2011 that the fruits of their hard work began to be recognized. Nokia phones (now Microsoft Mobile) also have a reputation of being tough and resilient and not prone to software bugs or technical failures. The latest version of the Windows operating system for mobile platforms is called Windows Phone 8.1. It is stylish and attractive, and it keeps gaining adepts worldwide. With the app market constantly increasing its size and variety, it seems that Windows Phone is here to stay.

There is something we hadn’t done yet on this site: game reviews on Windows Phone. It didn’t feel right honestly, it was an itch we had to scratch. Windows has been always the king in the gaming world, and you can’t argue against that. Windows 8.1 generated a lot of excitement and it got a momentum that was able to shorten the App Gap that existed between Windows mobile devices, Android and iOS, and this means now we have a lot to review. A lot. Slowly iOS has been losing ground, and special deals like Cut the Rope and Plant Vs Zombies are not exclusive to Apple or Android anymore. Almost -almost- all the best games are available in Windows Phone already.

Even more, the platform is only going forward, especially with Windows 10 around the corner. Windows 10 will facilitate the way developers migrate their apps from Android or iOS to Windows Phones, giving you the best of the 2 worlds: The ridiculous amount of Android Apps and the luxury Apps of the overpriced iOS ecosystem.

The devices are also more capable than ever competing directly against flagships from the rival platforms. These are the top 5 games I was able to spot in the store and we will review first in our new mobile section. All of them are free to download and play without spending a single penny on your Windows Phone.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Published by Gameloft, Asphalt has been the franchise to go in the mobile world for racing addicts, and the latest version is nothing but better than the previous games. With a brand-new physics engine and amazing graphics, you will be able to perform high-speed aerial stunts in a vertiginous driving experience. Not your genre of choice? You need something to think, something to attack, something to steal resources from your neighbors? keep reading.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Developed by Microsoft Studios, one of the best real-time franchise of all times is reborn in the mobile world to compete directly with Clash of Clans, the town-building with combat elements game. Unlike CoC, you will advance thru the ages as one of several civilizations like the Britons, Teutons or Kievan Rus. All civilizations have different units to attack with, and we can even move them in real time. Yes, it actually requires skill.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Are you into MOBAs? Are you addicted to League of Legends, DOTA or Heroes of the Storm? If the answer is yes, then you will love Heroes of Order & Chaos. It will be able to give you your daily fix of competitive adrenaline on the go. With over 40 fantasy heroes, you will be teamed up with friends to battle and destroy your opponent in quick multiplayer sessions. You will get to feel what is like to roam around the map, ambush your opponents and carry your team in your mobile device.


Developed by Electronic Arts, FIFA 15: Ultimate Team is the FIFA’s card-swapping, team-building spin-off game. It features over 10,000 players, 500 teams from all over the world and over 30 real leagues and stadiums.

Dungeon Hunter 4

There is a genre that seems specially designed for the mobile world: Hack & Slash. If you are a fan of the Diablo series, then you know how this goes: Kill, gain experience, get better loot. Sounds simple, and that is why it is so addictive and fun.

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