Slinki is a game developed by Titan Forged Games, published by TheGameWall Studios and created from scratch using the Unity Engine.

Our protagonist’s once peaceful and smooth-running home has gone horribly wrong, with every denizen gone crooked and twisted, and irrevocably hostile. Himself affected and warped as well, Slinki can just sit there and waste away, or take the last of his strength to the Forest’s Core, and end the misery whatever ill-bred rascal thought to fester in it’s depths.

That is the intro to the game, which is good, but unfortunately the title doesn’t build nor expand anything upon it.


In Slinki we control a robot rabbit with the ability to throw his right arm like a boomerang and quickly move to its position.

The game is an old school action platformer, and our objective is to simply get to the end of the level to win – but as you can guess, we will encounter tons of obstacles and enemies in our way. The beloved instant death spikes, enemies, and sometimes we even have puzzles. We also have a limited lives, but luckily for us we can get more by reaching 1000 points (killing enemies) or finding them in hidden places.

The enemies are as bizarre as the main character. There are some fat, big guys that drink juice from a jar before throwing it to the player (you beat them by hitting the jar while they drink it), a plant that spits rocks, toad sharks and many more.

The game increases in difficult as we progress through it, having moments with more spikes where we have to think fast or fast moving platforms, however there are deaths that feel really unfair, for example there is a level where platforms spawns from the air and unless we are already familiar with where their spawn sometimes they block our jumps and make us fall to certain death, or spikes that are put in places where you do not see them on screen, making you die at least once until you know their layout.

Visually the game is made in 2.5D, which would be interesting if the game did not had textures and designs that looks like they are from the year 2000, the music is not bad, but it repetitive and usually it doesn’t change at all. Its like the whole development went to the gameplay area and they forgot to make it visually attractive.

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