Mortal Kombat X Jason

If you bought the Kombat Pack then you must be enjoying killing people with the masked murderer since yesterday. If you do not possess said Pack and still are on the fence about grabbing him from the store next week, I will give you an idea of what to expect from him.

Since its announcement as a downloadable character, Jason has been long awaited by MK fans, as he fits perfectly within the game’s universe. So, is it worth your buck? I would say absolutely. The love and level of detail put into the character stands out from the second the fight starts: The intros, the “ch ch ch, ah ah ah” applied after doing a brutality, the sound cues added to the fatalities and some of the movements. It’s damn perfect.

From a fighting point, Jason is a very capable fighter in all his 3 variations. Let’s breakdown the alternatives you have with him: The “default” variation is called Slasher, which grants Jason his trustworthy machete. This is my personal favorite, as it gives him an extended range as well as lots of combo strings to play with. Pair up that with Killing Machine, an ability that grants him infinite armor for a couple of seconds, and you are all set to strike fear into your enemies’ hearts. Moving to his next variation, Relentless strips out the machete and switches most of the special moves available in Slasher for an array of chokes and grabs, while also adding a “mist” teleport, allowing him to appear right behind his victims. In this variation he also gains the Pursuit ability which, once active, it will mix up your rival’s commands for a couple of seconds (or until Jason is hit), both for moving and attacking. Last but not least, the Unstoppable variation is very similar to the Relentless one, with a couple of twists and one in particular that I have personally never seen in a Mortal Kombat. One of the new abilities is Punishment, which will light up the chain around his neck and grants a damage buff for a limited amount of time. In addition, this variation replaces Killing Machine for Rise, which will slowly recover Jason’s health for also a limited amount of time. And then there’s Resurrection: if Jason should fall in battle, once per round he will ALWAYS come back to life, draining all of his special bars, which also determines the amount of health he will return with.

The Horror, his X-Ray, pursues the enemy across the screen to make use of the machete in all its gory glory. It is funny to pair up Killing Machine with The Horror, in order for the pursuit to have “infinite” armor. Fatality-wise, both are as gory as you would expect, being Kill For Mother my favorite one.

So, there you have it, Jason in a nutshell. All in all is a very good addition to the roster, though I would have liked he had some alternate costume. Maybe with time they will throw up some alternative skin for our beloved masked murderer.

I will be writing these articles for every new character the game adds, so stay tuned for when they release Tanya. And also, any doubts about Jason, do not hesitate to post it in the comments below, I will try to address it as soon as possible.

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