Killing Floor 2

The sequel of beloved zombie FPS ‘Killing Floor‘ just received his first major content patch that adds a few stuff to the Early Access Package:



New Map: ‘Volter Manor’

Of course this is a spooky manor set near a Swiss cliff side (?) filled with ugly zombies trying to give us hell.

-Two huge comebacks: Now you can play as classic characters like Briar and Masterson (with the voices of Alan Wilson and Mark Hayler), back from KF.

8 New Steam Achievements: This, in Early Access stage, is a rather non-important update, but what the hell… I’ll take it.

-Fixed a huge crash on servers that have improperly set up server actors

These are just the biggest additions and fixes made to a game that has a long developing road ahead as the guys at Tripwire Interactive have revealed. The finished game may not be finished by christmas.

As we stated in our preview here, we are thrilled with the results so far.

For a complete overview of the Patch, visit this site.

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