independent by design

Independent By Design, the book that delves deeper into the history, ambitions and creative approach of indie game development than ever before, has entered its final 10 days on Kickstarter.

The book boasts in-depth essays on over twenty independent developers brought together by the professional writing expertise of freelance writers Stace Harman and John Robertson. The book features bespoke spreads full of the studios’ vibrant art, created by independent design agency Rock Kitchen Harris, combined with high-quality paper stock and production values.

Studios featured within the book come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and we’re proud to be able to include many of those that work with Devolver Digital. This level of support allows us to cover some of the most impactful video game of modern times – from OlliOlli to Luftrausers, from Gods Will Be Watching to The Talos Principle – and understand the process and motivations that lead to their creation.

Additionally, we have also gone into great depth with Devolver Digital’s Graeme Struthers in order to understand more intimately the desires, origins and decisions made by the indie game publisher.

Simon Bennett, director at Roll7 (OlliOlli, Not A Hero) said on being a part of the project: “We are super honored to be (potentially) set into hardback – this was the first time we really opened up as a studio, to writers that really get the indie scene…

Features of Independent By Design, a luxury hard-back book, include:

●      Extensive essays based on in-depth interviews with a host of independent developers. These include studios that work with Devolver Digital, such as Dennaton, Roll7, Deconstructeam, Croteam and Vlambeer.
●      Other studios and individuals include Chris Hecker, Introversion Software, inXile Entertainment, Lucas Pope, Adriel Wallick, The Chinese Room, Subset Games and more.
●      Beautifully crafted multi-page, visually-led spreads showing off the artistry of several of the world’s leading independent game developers.
●      Q&A interviews centred around indie development with prominent industry figures, including Graeme Struthers of Devolver Digital, Professor Richard Lemarchand of the USC Games program and a host of others.

The Kickstarter campaign for Independent By Design runs until 10pm on Monday 8th June 2015, and is seeking to raise £20,000.

The Core Edition of the book is offered alongside a limited run of Signed and Numbered copies. The Transcript Edition offers collectors the opportunity to obtain written transcripts of the dozens of hours of interviews used to create Independent By Design, providing unparalleled depth and insight into this exciting sector of game development.

Speaking on the launch of the Kickstarter Independent By Design author John Robertson said, “Our goal is to create a book that can be enjoyed for both its text and visual design, bringing together the two in a way that does justice to the creative talents of the independent studios featured within. The chance to work with these studios is a privilege.”

Fellow author Stace Harman added that, “The early response to the Kickstarter campaign for Independent By Design has been very encouraging, both in terms of people pledging to get the book funded and the messages of support we’ve received from the passionate communities that support this vibrant development scene.

“It’s fantastic to know that there are a great many people that want to see this book come to fruition just as much as we do.”

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