0RBITALIS puts you in mission control as you launch probes into orbit and face the ultimate force which keeps the universe together – gravity. Slingshot your probe around stars, wind around planets, and dodge asteroids to earn bragging rights with the longest time in orbit. However, success isn’t determined just by how long your probe lasts in orbit, but also how complex your orbit is.

Doseone’s (Samurai Gunn, Nuclear Throne) ethereal music and audio provides an added layer of depth to the minimalist aesthetic as you explore 100 levels across 12 sectors filled with stars, planets, pulsars, comets and more, each with their own unique gameplay mechanic.

Create your own solar system with the map editor in Steam Workshop and share your creations with the Steam Community. With 39 achievements to discover and unlock, and leaderboard competition, 0RBITALIS challenges the player in a variety of ways but can be played with just a single click.

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