Deathtrap is a tower defense game with action-RPG elements. It was developed and produced by NeocoreGames, best known for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, which you can see from the very beginning, as that game and Deathtrap are set on the same world, and are visually very similar.

Neocore Games’ development studio is has headquarters in Hungary. You can see these guys at work in the following video:


Being an action-RPG-based tower defense game, as you start you get to choose between 3 classes:

The Mercenary: Attacks at close range and tanks enemies.
The Sorcerer: Attacks from afar with deadly magical spells.
The Marksman: Uses stealth and attacks with poison.

At first each character will have only two damage-dealing skills (one being auto-attack) and two trap-upgrading skills, but as you progress through the game and level up your heroes you will be able to get more abilities and upgrade tons (AND I MEAN TONS) of other things, from damage of skills, to effects of said skills, trap upgrades, and more. Needless to say there are a lot of upgrades in the game, and thus lots of customization to create a play style that best fits you.

Besides character upgrades, another main element is trap upgrades. There are designated places for each trap and different kinds of traps for each place, so it’s up to the player to find what is more effective for destroying hordes of monsters. Mostly it’s about finding what fits your play style better, as not every hero is the same, and each one boosts traps differently. For example, Marksmen boost poison-based traps better than others, so it’s wise to upgrade poison traps first when playing that class.

Now, as a tower defense game, the concept is quite simple: keep monsters from reaching the core, by setting traps on their paths to delay them or destroy them. Besides traps, a wide set of abilities is at your disposal to dispatch the creatures. At first they won’t be much of a threat, but as you progress throughout the levels they’ll become considerably harder. Also, you need to consider that not every enemy is vulnerable to every trap, there are lots of different types, so you’ll need to think ahead and consider strategy.

As an action-RPG, it retains most elements from The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing — every time you complete a level you’ll get money to buy new equipment, each of them with different stats (because this still is an RPG) that will help you on your journey.

After you finish the game once, new tiers of existing levels and new game modes unlock. There’s a total of 4 different tiers, each one raising difficulty a lot. Then there’s an endless mode, where you can compete against other players on leaderboards, see who can survive the longest; and then there’s scenario mode, where you customize various aspects of gameplay and increase difficulty in order to get more and better rewards.

And if all this weren’t enough you also have a co-op mode where you and a buddy can defend a core together, and a duel mode, where you get to play as either the defender or the attacker — you choose. As the attacker you’re represented as a spirit, and are mostly limited to placing various totems to buff your hordes, in different ways.

Visually, Deathtrap isn’t precisely impacting. It uses the same engine and graphics as Van Helsing, and they could have used an upgrade. The game also falls into the cliché of having an array of equipment and weapons that are nothing more than recolors of others, which bothers me. Same thing happens with enemies, the later ones tend to be the same as the earlier ones but with a little more health or a stat change. The music isn’t very memorable either.

Despite all that, Deathtrap is still an amazing tower defense game with great mechanics that will keep you entertained for hours, if not days’ worth of playtime.


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