Houdini Engine

The Houdini Engine for UE4 public beta is now available for download [Build 14.0.291 or higher]. This plug-in provides game studios with the power of Houdini’s procedural technology working inside the Unreal Editor.

What is Houdini Engine?

Houdini Engine lets you load Houdini Digital Assets into other digital content creation apps such asAutodesk Maya, Cinema 4D or the Unity Game Editor. You can also use the Houdini Engine API to create your own plug-ins for proprietary applications.

It can also be used on the farm when you distribute key tasks such as rendering, simulation, motion and geometry caching, and gives you command-line access to Houdini’s powerful node-based architecture. You can use the Houdini Engine in batch mode to feed the render farm and process distributed dynamic simulations.

During the public beta, the Houdini Engine will run for free inside UE4 and you can use the free Houdini Apprentice edition to create your own assets. Once the plug-in goes gold, you will require an indie or commercial license.

Details and getting started instructions can be found at http://www.sidefx.com/unreal.

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