Call of Duty Black Ops III

The long awaited sequel (well, for some bros at least) of the Black Ops universe will be launched on november 6. Just now, Activision revealed the trailer of the new game being developed by Treyarch and, of course, it has some features that resemble the recent hits in FPS gaming. Let’s be clear: just by trailer, it looks like the not desired son of Destiny, Titanfall and Advanced Warfare.

This is not a defect per se, you have to be mentally ill to look something remotely original on a trademark FPS like Call of Duty, but let’s hope the superior technology and new gadgets work well.

On the known additions, we find campaign co-ops up to four players… like Warframe (and a thousand more); a unique class system… like Destiny, with up until nine specialties each one with two skills. And technologic upgrades… like Deus Ex (explained in the video).


The idea behind the game is… who knows actually. I enjoy playing Call of Duty, I can’t lie about that, but Activision and Treyarch have lost a while ago the compass of where they are heading. IT seems that every new game is trying to repeat (copy) the mechanics of the last succesful FPS out there. They have even add “Zombies modes” since they realised that they were cool (this new installment effectively has a zombie mode… with a story). I hate that. All that money out there to pay to a bunch of writers, only to order them to make a script of something that has been done before. Why bother?


The new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be reviewed right here in at the moment it arrives. The game will have versions for PS4, XBox One and PC only. The minimun requirements for PC aren’t that large but it will only work with DirectX 11 so be prepared to upgrade it.

I’m no futuristic bitcher. I always hope for the best.

Call of Destiny: Titan-Ex Ops 4 (?)


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