Last Friday, the completely unexpected Update 16 hit our Warframe Launchers. Between the novelties there is a fresh from the oven completely new Warframe named ‘Chroma’, a substantial original PVP mode and a brand new Mission against the fearful Vay Hek.


The new Warframe is unnecessary. I could even say ‘Unwanted’. Last not ‘Prime’ type Warframes are kinda lame, OP or totally unbalanced. Hydroid look really tanky but no one uses it because the farming is extensive, boring, and unequal to the reward. Did you see someone using Zephyr? That’s right. Limbo and Mesa are downright poor executed. A magician of sorts and the feminine counterpart of Vauban with a BS background story. The Primes are another story. By luck, a good one. Maybe Nova Prime needs a nerfing.

So, Why Chroma?

Again, Digital Extreme is running a race no one understands. Updates are being rushed with absolutely no reason. From Update 13 to this one, there were only a couple of months and almost ten new Warframes that, needless to say, confirm what we said on or Warframe review: the game bases his existence on continuous and incessant farming, leveling, upgrading (wash, repeat). The biggest flaw is still the background story. Maybe Digital Extreme wants us to find it on ‘Dark Sector’.

Chroma is a –hideous- Warframe that sets his power on elements. All four of them. The color of energy you choose on the Appearance section will define the kind of powers Chroma has. For further detail, go here.

The ‘Adventure’ for Chroma farming is rare like the last ones. Apparently, killing bosses is too mainstream.  First you unlock the mission by finding Cephalon Simaris on his Sanctuary. Then, as always, you follow the instructions of Lotus back in the Liset.

Because of the elements thing, Chroma will be a lot more popular than last additions.


Apparently Vay Hek and rivals in this mission received a bump, because I find no reason then to elevate the number of players on the squad from four to eight.

As I stated previously, Warframe is an easy game. Most missions, even the hard ones can be accomplished by two guys with proper weapons. Four guys on a squad are only needed when these are low levels and they have MK type of weapons with lousy mods. I suppose this mission is hard enough to be played with a four minimum (it can’t be played with less).

The mission name is ‘The Law of Retribution’ and is unlocked by purchasing the key blueprint on the market. It doesn’t come cheap: The cost is 100k credits. On the upside, it pays well, arcane stuff, syandanas. Go for it.

PVP Mode

Warframe is not a PVP game.

Let’s continue.

A while ago, Digital Extreme started to include PVP Modes in the game because a large portion of gamers –the ones that overflow MOBAs- were asking for it. The concept wasn’t well rounded at all, the Conclaves were abandoned, and even ‘Dark Sectors’ (I see what you did there DE) looked like ghost towns from much of the time.

With this new inclusion, devs are trying to win back that generation of gamers that feels better shooting real people than random Corpus/Grineer/Infested.

The new PVP Mode is named ‘Cephalon Capture’ and is nothing more than a ‘Capture the Flag’ mode that feels really like ‘Unreal’ (but TPS) because of the vertigo.

Teams up to four warframes each on three new stages with infinite respawning till one of the squads –named Sun and Moon- grabs the flag five times.

The warframes available for the mode are Mag, Chroma, Excalibur, Rhino, Frost and Volt. All the weapons and mods are limited also and it’s the best decision of all because finds his ground on balance. Only very high levels are playing it right now until the mode finds its definitive audience. This way at least is a little balanced.

The mode unlocks a few Challenges and the mysterious figure of ‘Teshin’, someone who wants you to break free, and unleash your full power, which you’ll be able to show on the brand new Conclave Syndicates that reward winners with new mods.

Overall, 5/10.

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