Total War ATTILA

The Total War series is 15 years old, but Sega and The Creative Assembly keep the franchise fresh and still-experimental with every single new release. Total War: Attila offers narrative and visual upgrades along with additional systemic annexes at the margins. Much has been learned from Rome II mistakes.

In Total War: Attila we experience the completion of the Rome trilogy with a focusing on the fall of that empire. The player can choose from a wide selection of tribes, including Romans and The Huns, and try to survive and make the best out of a near global collapse of order is your main priority. Each tribe represents different campaigns that offer their own challenges and advantages. Attila features an interesting addition: the ability for horde tribes to survive on the road, without a static base. This is a nod to the incredibly fluid movement of peoples at that time, by choice or due to displacement because of military defeat, climate change, famine and disease, and often all at once.

Total War: ATTILA

There are strategy standard stuff like researching technologies, upgrading city buildings and building military units. This is something we have had in every single release and one of the most fine-tuned features. There are also political ideas at stake to spice up things a little bit. And of course, there is our loved map-world to be managed, on which armies are moved about to best serve the society’s military requirements.

Our challenges are also varied: plagues, bad weather, marauding warbands, court intrigues and diplomatic crises with neighbors. Total War: is a realistic simulation of a world in a state of constant war and strife.

If you are a Total War veteran, you will be please to know that even lower difficulty levels are challenging. If you are new to the franchise, prepare to be overwhelmed by a huge range of factors that will take several days, if not weeks of playtime to master. Neighbors and enemies are always agitated and fearful. Borders will not be respected and there is only you and your shadow to trust. Raiding armies are a regular occurrence and losses are something you will need to get used to. You can’t simply increase your resources by gathering or conquering and become a rich empire able to destroy everything. The game’s economy has been designed to ensure that it is impossible to defend all cities at the same time. You will need a large amount of troops to conquer new lands and that means you will get invaded from behind.

This is a difficult game. Total War titles have been characterized for being challenging. Don’t expect to fire up your game and beat it with not well thought moves and lack of careful planning. Training your veterans thru the decades and earning bonuses and experience in battle are just a few of the several things to take into consideration to barely win average battles.

Total War is a masterpiece when it comes to battle. You have such a wide range of tactical options and strategies that is nearly impossible to experience the same battle twice even if you try to do so. This is a game where soldiers will turn and run when they feel like it’s in their absolute best interest. If their morale is low enough because your strategy just doesn’t fit the massive battle with hundreds of troops in the field, they will flee while you simply sit and watch your armies crumble. And there is no turning back.

Total War: Attila is an impressive piece of work, but also difficult beast to tame. This is not your typical strategy game, and you must take that into careful consideration before attempting to play this game. If you are a Total War veteran, you will simply love it.

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