The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Launched past February 5th, “The Mighty Quest for Epic loot” is the Ubisoft’s approach at mixing classic construction games like “Dungeon Keeper” with more recent and modern mobile games like “Clash of Clans”, adds on top of that a wide range of customization and cool graphics and delviers a fun and fresh experience for PC gamers. We can even get to enjoy a little bit of hack and slash while stealing our neighbors goods.

The story might not be the stronger suit of the game which begins with our avatar in a floating castle (oh, Miyazaki you). Our duty is to expand it by filling it up with traps, machinery, buildings, creatures and all sort of obstacles able to stop our greedy neighbors that want to steal our wealth, that we stole from them with so much work.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The title features 3 types of currency:

– Gold: the in-game money. It helps you improve the buildings and an be used to buy creatures.

– Life Force: It is used to increase hour castle level, create creatures, bosses or any kind of mobs and gives you access to general improvements and expansions.

– Blings: The “fast-lane”. The money you buy with your green pocket friends and lets you buy whatever you need. This is the micro-transaction approach to support and maintain this free to play game.

Among the buildings to expand we have the Forge, for crafting, re-forging and modifying all sort of armor, equipment or weapons. The alchemist, to buy all sort potions like healing and random boosts. The architect, to expand our castle with more and different rooms and we also have a lab to create all sort of abominations and traps for our unwelcome visitors to enjoy.

The title features four classes: A knight which is our melee warrior able to tank and deal damage. An archer for those who like wielding a bow and attacking from a safe distance. A powerful mage for those addict to magical spells and a rogue, the always fast and fun assassins with little skills to survive.

Once we are happy with our castle design, fores and traps, we go berserk mode and attack our neighbors and loot everything we can in order to keep improving our castle. HELL YEAH. “The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot” uses a system already seen in  “Clash of Clans”, where we attack other users in order to improve our position in a world ladder. To climb up the competitive categories we need points, and the amount of points is decided by the amount of stars we get in our attack. We can get a star for winning in record time, for destroying all the mine productions and for attacking someone without a shield, which would be basically someone who has not been attacked in a few hours. For each and every attack we also gain experience, gold, and life force.

The looting mode when we attack features a hack and slash type of game already seen in well known franchises like Diablo. Every professions have a set of skills that can be improved by leveling up and are of vital importance for defeating huge bosses like dragons, which will knock up and kill you in seconds if you foolishly try to tank them up. There are over 10 unique skills for each profession, and they are used to alternate your gameplay and style to avoid the game from becoming repetitive.

The combat is fun and have all sort of mechanics like poison, fire damage, freeze attacks, stuns and knock ups, and more. The combat is not something that will become boring fast and the music is epic to improve the experience a little further. Unfortunately, the sound has a few issues and lags, and this is a bug that has been reported for quite some time now. The AI could also be better, it is easy to run in circles and deplete the health of a huge boss and this can ruin the experience and frustrate the castle owner who spent hours building up an strategy that didn’t work because of a buggy foe pattern.

The world is divided in zones, and you get to visit a new one every 5 levels. To get into the new one, you will be required to beat a boss, which is a NPC castle with tons of traps and a special foe.

Sadly, the currency needs some balance. First levels rewards you with so much life force that is not possible to expend it all, but in later levels you will be required to grind tons and tons of life force to keep improving. Exactly the opposite happens with gold, which is pretty much useless when you have all your buildings, storage and production mines upgraded.

For those who enjoy constructions games and hack and slash games, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot delivers a nice combination of both. The huge amount of traps and creatures will keep you happy for a while, the crafting system is extensive, you have different professions with different styles and obviously ruining other people castles is always fun, specially when it helps you to keep improving your own goods.

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