Ray is just an ordinary guy. There’s nothing about him that could make him special, different, unique. He works as a Security Helmets Tester. An extremely boring job, definitely. He spends his existence just going from home to work, and from work to home. Also, he has a girlfriend. But this relationship has the same lack of emotion as everything else in his pitiful life. But, things were about to change…

I must make a confession. At the very first moment, this game didn’t attract my attention at all. The game’s name seemed meaningless, and the characters’ design was not of my likeness. But, I was absolutely wrong. If we want to enjoy the wonders of this game, we have to put our prejudices aside.

Stick It To The Man

Ray is in his way home after another boring day at work. At the same time, a military airplane which is transporting a super-secret cargo is hit by a lightning, and the container falls, heading to the ground. As expected, it strikes directly in Ray´s head, leaving him completely unconscious. After a really wacky dream, Ray awakes in a hospital with his head covered by a bandage. He removes it, just to discover that now he has…A PINK SPAGHETTI-LIKE ARM COMING FROM HIS HEAD!!!

This arm is the key of the game. Ray now can read people’s minds, use the arm to grab ledges or pick items, and even remove scenario parts and people’s thoughts and put them somewhere else.

And here’s where the problems begin. Our hero’s new task consists in discovering the arm’s origin. Meanwhile, he has to escape from “The Man”, an equally mysterious character who tries to obtain the arm for his own benefit. But not just that. Like Ray is a warm-hearted guy, he will try to help anyone he can. Because, nobody else understands people’s issues like him. Did I mention he can read minds?

The mind reading is the best feature of the game. The huge amount of secondary characters and their thoughts are so well-written that we are going to experience multiple emotions. Humor, love, craziness, sadness, are just a few of the surprises we are going to find in the little brains we are going to “analyze”.

As for the graphics, STICK IT TO THE MAN show us a world really similar as to what we have previously saw in the Paper Mario games. This kind of environment make the “removing-sticking stuff” thing more natural, after all, it¨s a PAPER world. The character design is bizarre, ugly, they´re not nice to see. But it has a perfect and logical reason. This “ugliness” is directly related to the game’s feelings. The developers did not want us to like their characters. They are all crazy, that’s a fact.

The sound selection is awesome. The voice acting’s are brilliant, and absolutely perfect for each character. The highlight in this aspect is the main menu screen song, “Just Dropped In”, by Kenny Rogers. Excellent.

The title is divided in 10 chapters, which will take us no more than four to five hours to complete. We are going to visit, for example, a city, a circus, an asylum, a lab, and all of them can be re-visited in case we forgot to do something.

To summarize, this is a game that could look like something different at first, but, once we begin it, we are not going to let it go until we finished it. After all… who doesn’t want to read people’s mind?

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