Resident Evil Revelations 2

Contemplation, second episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2, keeps the pacing and tone from its predecessor, while introducing some small changes that make it better. Level design has been greatly improved from episode 1, giving us some big, open areas with a lot more freedom to explore. It seems to take some cues from RE4 in a way, since we’ll move through mostly linear areas and occasionally we’ll have to remain in a single, open area while looking for the way to move onto the next one. For example, the beginning of the episode will have us searching for parts on an abandoned village in order to fix a helicopter. Some of these levels are really cool and atmospheric, but just like in the previous episode, some of the areas look samey and are overall generic.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 2: Contemplation

Difficulty in this episode has been ramped up considerably due to the increased amount of enemies, which we’ll have us making every shot count since ammo is as scarce as ever. The episode also sees the return of actual boss battles, and you will want to save every bullet you can for them. There’s an especially tense boss battle in Claire’s chapter which had me to the edge of my seat until I beat it.

Episode 2 also introduces a variety of new enemy types, notably Glasps, invisible enemies that show up on Barry’s campaign and who will one-hit kill us unless we use Natalia’s gift to see where they are. Again, this game’s coop implementation is possibly the best the series has ever seen.

The story in Contemplation picks up right where Penal Colony left us, with Claire and Moira still trying to escape the island. In this episode they find other survivors from the attack at TerraSave’s HQ and who were also kidnapped at that time. These characters are well written, if a bit generic in design, and are a cool addition to the story for the little screen time they get. Barry, meanwhile (or not… you know what I mean) is still looking for Moira with the help of Natalia, the last person who saw her alive. As Barry we’ll continue to revisit the places we originally saw as Claire, but these places are almost always different in a way, mostly due to the time elapsed between both characters’ campaigns, which helps to keep things interesting while still reusing a lot of assets. Gotta give credit where it’s due.

The story this week also has some interesting revelations, finally doing some justice to the game’s name and after the first Revelations had no true revelations to speak of. Without going into spoiler territory, episode 2 answers some questions about several lingering plot points from the franchise’s past. It also ends on an amazing cliffhanger that made me want to fire up Episode 3 right away. Next week can’t come soon enough.

The episode also includes a Raid Mode update with a bunch of new missions and three additional playable characters: Gabe, Pedro, and fan-favorite Leon Kennedy to keep us entertained until Episode 3 drops.

With its great pacing, awesome enemy design and great boss battles, Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 2 is an improvement over the first one in almost every way, and if the episodes can keep ramping up in intensity and quality, we’ll be in the presence of one of this year’s sleeper hits.

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