“It’s like watching Battlestar Galactica through a kaleidoscope!”

This is one of my favorite 2D games at the moment and WHY I SAY THAT YOU MAY ASK? Let me start with the basics: Reassembly is an action oriented spaceship building game. Created by Anisoptera Games, an independent studio based in Los Angeles. Mainly inspirited in Lego and insect behavior in a world where everything is modular.


You start to build your very own ship piece by piece (ships are assigned a specific value based on their size) and most of the factions will cap out at 8,000P. Obviously it will take some time to get there ;). There are 7 factions in this universe and all of them play and work differently (insectoid, angley, squarish, plantlike or cristal like are some examples). One faction prioritizes high damage while other will get armor mostly. All of them have specific tactics and this will impact in their weapon choices.

You can also unlock most of the factions by killing large and valuable ships aligned to them. Once you destroy an specific amount (or, in other words, you make that faction lose an specific amount of value), you unlock that faction to play with.


Wield a wide variety of projectile and beam weapons, missiles, rockets and torpedoes, drones, and more against your enemies. Defend yourself with shields, armor, point defense systems, and pure maneuverability. The combat is a mix of skill, tactics, and preparation – an expertly piloted fighter can take down an enemy fleet, but having a well balanced arsenal helps. I can’t explain this better.

Art & environment

Maps are beautiful and the music flows with it. Procedural generated open living worlds where each faction fight for survival and evolution travelling though wormholes. There are usually a lot of “agents” (player fleets) spawning in the universe defending the sectors and spaceships, in Command mode you can pay them to join your fleet and seek you places to emerge. You need to conquer specifics zones to make spaceships emerge or grow your bases. But be careful, the big enemy fleet is looking these places to destroy them. Scavenge for resources, investigate disturbances, self repair, reproduce and take your fleet to the next stage.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is incredible. When you have a decent fleet of spaceships including your motherfucking leadership… YOU WILL DIE… A LOT. AI ships can retreat if overwhelmed because they know how to measure the incoming attack. You need to plan how to attack and how to approach the battle and maybe take advantage of impromptu battles between rival factions to recover objectives, or run away after your opponent calls in reinforcements. In screen there can be around 150 ships in crossfire (it will run smoothly and at a decent framerate if you have nice hardware, otherwise you will be laggy).

You can only target 1 enemy at time with you entire fleet and that is a questionable design choice. A small system to target different ships would be nice in Command mode. The overall gameplay is very nice. Sometimes maneuvering big ships can be frustrating in places with a high amount of ships and planets, but is not that bad. We have three control types: Keyboard Only, Mouse and Keyboard, and Gamepad. This is very nice and completely user configurable, from colors to buttons, keys, even control schemes.

And well, we can’t have it all… No true multiplayer mode(can’t fight other players in real-time) the AI takes over other people’s ship designs and places them in your worlds. Obviously, you need to upload your fleet when you go through a wormhole. Last time a tried that Steam completely crashed, so some additional work towards multiplayer would be appreciated. PLEASE LET US PLAY IN REAL-TIME.

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