Think in “Pacman Championship DX”. Do you have that in your mind already? Now, change the ghosts for zombies. Like a lot of zombies (9000). Now, change the clean aspect of neon with pixel-art. And the Pakku Pakku (…do you know the story of Pac-Man name?) for a dude full of weapons loaded with infinite ammo.

This title lives up to the expectation of his very specific name.

Over 9000 Zombies

This top-down shooter was designed by Finland-born Loren Lemcke and the well-known Mastertronic (bought in 2006) distributes. Lemcke cited “Smash TV” as a major influence in the design of Over 9000 Zombies! but, as a player of the game (the Super Smash TV for Sega Genesis) I would argue that the biggest similitude appears in gameplay and a few details. Over 9000 Zombies! It´s a game where thinking could give the impression of overrated.

You start in the middle of the map (…like Pacman) and run around collecting power-ups while your weaponry gets upgraded so killing thousands of zombies doesn´t look like  an herculean task. But it is. The game is not HARD. Eventually, the good weapons are available and zombies die by tenths and hundreds. You even start with five grenades that do a lot of damage to those living dead bastards. That doesn´t mean that is not scrappy. It is. A lot. You´ll be running like a mad men around the five available maps (“Desert Island” travels me to the awful experience of “Dead Island”, nevertheless beautiful map) shooting non-stop to this creepy zombies that are closer to the ones in “World War Z” that those in “The Walking Boredom”… sorry “The Walking Crap”. AGAIN: “The Walking Dead”.


[Reference to a game Loren wasn’t involved with was removed]

Loren Lemcke made Over 9000 Zombies! completely on his own with the idea on his mind that he was going to finish it no matter what. All the programming and design belongs to him. That is really some fine work. With assistance of “Mastertronic” that handle the PR and distributing he managed to get the game in Steam where will probably make some loud noise between the retro gaming fandom even when the “retro” part it´s just in the visual style. The music… is a totally different matter. Modern dance, with rock additions directly from the oven of Clearside Music, the ones behind the soundtrack of the movie “The Rover” (with that creepy dude Robert Pattinson). Maybe, just maybe, for the purpose of vintage style, music could have been somewhere near this but less joyful (?). Ok, that song is super modern too, but is better, don´t judge, just wanted to share it.


The game counts with solo mode, local co-op, and internet matches with the option of creating servers. It also counts with the very “YEY” tool of Map Creation. This enlarges the possibilities of the game in the same ways that the mathematical algorithm behind the code of the game. You see, the thing with Over 9000 Zombies! is that uses “Special Mathematical Technologies to push the boundaries…” blah blah blah. If you search it on Google, all the sites tell you the same caption text. The game deserves that every journalist making a review just play the game. It´s entertaining, it´s difficult without the “excruciatingly” before, and for a not “casual game” the understanding of the mechanics is as fast as a slap in da face.

Anyway, I recommend this game, I consider mysel a retro gamer and  I like it a lot even when this is an early access. Maybe the price tag is his biggest flaw. 10 US$ can be a little pricey. At the time of this writing, the game has a 25% discount that makes it much more desirable. Give it try!

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