Hero of the Kingdom 2

Five days ago, this new development of Lonely Troops, the sequel of the reviewed “Hero of the Kingdom”, hit the digital shelves of Steam. What can we expect?

Hero of the Kingdom 2

I already described briefly the gameplay of the saga here. Nothing changed in this waited sequel. Nothing at all. Even the background sounds are the same. The visuals, including the icons, textures (I lie, this ones look cleaner and softer), dialog fonts. Everything. So, if you like the first installment, you will probably enjoy this second one. The story –as the map- is larger. You, and your sister arrived at a fisher’s village and learn the basics. After a short while, a crew of blood thirst pirates reach the coast and destroy everything… even worse, they take your sister with them (possible raping involved). Then, you start your journey through the kingdom. By completing tasks for a number of villagers you’ll gain access inside the walls of the City and to the King himself who’ll assist you in your painful objective.


For a 2015 game, Hero of the Kingdom 2 (nor his prequel) doesn’t stand himself for being particularly stunning. The visuals are simple, those of a casual game like “Farmville”, “Shitville” and “Fuckville (+18 – not related to Farmville or Shitville)” and such. In fact, if this game was browser-based, those facebook games would be their rivals. No section of the development was focused on making the game a competition for huge RTS games. It can’t. These games are made by two brothers on their own. It’s a remarkable feat. True will prowess. So you can forgive them for putting the effort on entertainment instead on technical genius. Yes, the game is simple enough. The music –while really soft and nice- is cyclical and attached to certain sectors of the map, which can be somewhat boring. The tasks are fun, but even when the game is short, they could use some variation. It feels repetitive at a point (much more if you play the first “Hero of the Kingdom” recently) but in their defense, much of these games ARE repetitive, however, designers include as a norm some kind of automation for keeping the game fun. That would surely had help this little game a lot. Kurcik brothers should take notice of this if a “Hero of the Kingdom 3” is on development and I hope so because I liked both games a lot.

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