Dead Space 2

“The worst enemy comes from inside”

Dead Space 2 was released three years after the first Dead Space, in January 2011. The second part of this exciting Survival Horror saga melted our PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows systems. Developed by Visceral Games and distributed by Electronic Arts, Isaac Clarke come to shock all our senses one more time. But, this time, he will have to face his most terrible enemy: himself.

Dead Space 2

After the shocking events during the first chapter ending, Isaac Clarke, the Systems Engineer from the previous adventure, is alone in an escape pod. As he is just floating in open space, the pod is found and delivered to a strange place by some kind of military force.

Three years have passed since the nightmare on the USG Ishimura, the Planetcracker ship besieged by grotesque reanimation’s of its dead crew, the “Necromorphs”. Isaac wakes from a coma on a massive space city known as “The Sprawl”, in orbit around Saturn. He can’t remember how he got there and he’s haunted by demented visions of his dead girlfriend. As he tries to recover his sanity,  there’s a new Necromorph outbreak in the space station. Now Clarke will not only have to fight the monsters and his visions, but also the government, which want to obtain the secrets Isaac has in his head.


Those who have played the prequel will immediately notice the gameplay changes. The “fear” factor has been reduced in order to give us more action and shooting sequences. We now travel through more wide open sections instead of the endless series of close corridors of the first Dead Space.

The game seems to be easier than the previous one. Isaac is now an insane killing machine who doesn’t fell any fear of the horrendous Necromorphs. He just want to destroy them. This “shooter” feature is reinforced by the addition of more weapons and ammo. The firepower is massive and even the suits look now like “battle armors”.

Well, I suposse it has a reasonable explanation: Isaac is no longer a frightened engineer, he knows who’s dealing with now. So we control a pissed off super soldier.

As I said before, we now have more weapons including Javelins, Rifles, Mines and Detonators. Of course we still can count with our beloved Plasma Cutter, and the Kinetic and Stasis powers as well. The variety of environments is way larger,which is only logical. We are in a huge space city, not in a ship.

If we had to mention something negative, I would say there is a constant enemy repetition, most of them looking exactly as in the previous title with just a couple of them being totally new. This doesn’t bother me, but may be not so nice for some players.


Dead Space 2 looks amazing. The first title was astonishing and this one is not less.

All the designs have been polished, the textures are softer and the lighting and shadowing effects are even more beautiful. Every time you get to see a distant planet, a meteor or just the space through a window, you will stare. Believe me.

The humans and Necromorphs look more realistic. The facial expressions, the movements and even the skin of the human characters are really good, much better than before. The Necromorphs are more grotesque and disgusting, if possible.

We’ll find the major graphic upgrades in Isaac’s suits and the space station locations. As for the suits, all of them are military-based, instead of the working suits we were used to wear. The improvements in helmets and armors will make us feel like a real bad-ass Necromorphs killing machine.

The locations have increased its variety and details. In contrast with the omnipresent non-living metal, we will see blood and bowels scattered everywhere, posters, graffitis, cult and religious decorations and much more. A library, a school and a hospital will become battlefields as we pass through.

Of course, from time to time we will have to face gigantic bosses or travel across zero gravity sections with our hover boots. The frenetic action and the breath-holding may not let us see it, but everything around us is exquisitely represented.

So, everything OK around here.


Not much differences here. The sound in Dead Space was brilliant. Dead Space 2 maintain most of the original sound gallery, mostly for the weapons effects, the automatic doors, Necromorphs screams, and so. Despite they still are nice to hear, they sound repetitive and lack of surprise this time.

The voice acting is convincing. The newest feature in this aspect is that Isaac has a voice in this game. Yeah, Isaac talks, which doesn’t seem to be something remarkable if we don’t mention that he don’t say a word in the prequel. This addition makes him fell closer to the player, more vulnerable, more human, which is clearly the developers intention.

As regards the music, there’s not much to comment. Gloomy and disturbing, we usually hear it during certain cutscenes or important moments. The rest of the time well be surrounded by silence, occasionally interrupted by a distant scream or a scare jump.


Dead Space 2 is a great game. Not so innovative and scary as the first one, and more focused in the action. The fans will love it because is faster, bigger and better, everything they expected.

For the rest, I think is enough to say that Dead Space 2 is one the best PS3 Action-Horror games and deserves, at least, a couple of playthroughs.

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