Onikira - Demon Killer

Onikira – Demon Killer was created by Digital Furnace Games. Is a 2D side scrolling beat’em up where you are a mega honored samurai filled with the powers of dragons in a fantasy feudal Japan fighting the demons of the underworld.

When I started playing the game remain me all the good stuff that indie games have lately, beautiful visuals and design… BUT what happens to the gameplay with Onikira? The challenge today, is to find a nice balance regarding the aesthetics and the gameplay.

Onikira – Demon Killer

Its the classic side scrolling beat’em up and follows the typical formula: move forward, fight a bunch of enemies, move forward and kill the boss. In the middle, you can use different weapons to kill the demons, you can launch an enemy into the air with your Naginata, wall jump to position above them, then Katana Slam them into the ground…aaaannd REPEAT. At first, it’s feels like I’m playing DmC but with the time things get dull pretty quickly and almost must have Xbox controller to play – no keyboard control setup anywhere and hard to figure out, which is bad.

Another important thing, the environment and the enemies don’t change enough to satisfy the real player and the difficulty is horribly hard and it needs to be changed in the settings for future patches.

Graphics and music

The game really shines here. The style is a unique blend of traditional ink drawings (Japanese style!) and anime with seriously dark tones. It’s like watching Samurai Jack! LOL. The foreground is full of dark with muted colours and beautiful contrasts mixed with traditional percussion music and sometimes with the time is right electrical guitar riffs. The protagonist Jiro is like a step-brother of Jack with his red armor stands out in the darkness and the enemies are dark and melt in the environment. All the animations are smooth and with great detail, I like the effects of Jiro’s sword.

Final words

It is important to remember that the game is still on Early Access. There are a lots of bugs in the maps and improvements to be made. But If you are a fan of the side scrolling genre, I think Onikira is worth to support.

I like how the devs are still working on this and haven’t abandoned us like some of the other Greenlight games out there. Core game works and the art in general is good, but Combat Arena doesn’t work and the in-game scores can make the game crash.

Let’s see if the future brings good news.

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