Horse Haven World Adventures

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Last year, Ubisoft published an Android version of the inexplicably popular Howrse, a sort of equestrian-themed adaptation of browser-based RPGs. Now Ubi has created its own horsy mobile game.

Horse Haven World Adventures

Originally released on 2012 under the name “Horse Haven”, Horse Haven World Adventures (HHWA) works as an amped up port to iOS devices, maintaining its original premise and even some of the issues the game used to have back in the release days.

HHWA puts you in the boots of a rookie stable owner whose purpose in life is to improve his farm in order to raise the best horses in town. We are introduced to the game mechanics by a graceful blonde cowgirl who will explain us how to build and improve our buildings and, of course, how to raise and breed horses.

Gameplay mechanics are rather simple, following the fundamentals of a taping free-to-play game: you have coins, you build things and plant seeds with said coins and you can speed up the building/harvesting with diamonds, which are granted by completing quests. Both coins and diamonds can be purchased in different quantities in exchange for real money. You also can make your horse run for coins in a side-scroller screen, though the game gets repetitive despite the fact that the location can vary.

In the graphics department, the game steps up the game from what the Facebook game used to look, with 3d models that look good overall. The music, although somewhat repetitive, suits the different game situations just fine.

The social aspect of the game lets you visit other friends stables, and every once in a while it gives you rewards for that, in the form of coins or food for your horses. By the way, the game won’t even boot if you don’t have a data connection, so no off-line mode. In fact, in the time I’ve spent with the game, it suffered from various crashes due to not being able to connect to the servers, despite the fact I had a strong internet connection.

Should you play it? Only if you like tapping games. All in all, HHWA is yet another free tapping game, with decent graphics, an ok music and its fair share of “pay to make this game playable more than 10 minutes every time you log in”.

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