As last year “April’s Fools” where they planted tons of pokemons all around the globe to be found via Google Maps, this year’s inside joke is even funnier and shows how much Google developers know of their users. And that is a lot.

Pac-Man on Google Maps

In this year, they went retro and added the original Pac-Man to be played inside Google Maps anywhere in the world. Well, anywhere with streets. To access the mini game (with the original art and sounds) you have to get into Google Maps (it doesn’t work on mobile versions), then you go to some city with streets and next to the window of “Street View” there is a new window with a Pac-Man image. Click there and the map turns into a huge Pac-Man level.

Kudos Google. You know your stuff.


Note of the Author: the image belongs to “Chas Park” a maze-like neighborhood of Buenos Aires

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