Carmageddon Reincarnation

Carmageddon: Reincarnation has got a FINAL RELEASE DATE: 23rd April, 2015

Here’s whatcha get in the Final Release game:

+ Career Mode: spanning 16 “Chapters”, each comprising 3 or 4 Events. That’s 50 events to complete!

+ Multiplayer: Up to 8 Players, LAN or online

+ A variety of twisted Event Types:

  • Classic Carmageddon 
  • Car Crusher
  • Fox ‘n’ Hounds
  • Ped Chase
  • Checkpoint Stampede
  • Death Race 

+ 24 Vehicles (25 for Kickstarter Backers who get their very own “Special Edition” Red Eagle)

+ PowerUps: Over 80 crazy Pups

+ Pedestrians: A host of vulnerable ped variants for you to pulverise

 + 9 Maps: comprising vast open-world environments and MP arenas

+ 36 Race Routes

+ A massive mix of Stats, Challenges and Achievements to complete and collect“Smelly Bush” in-game collectibles

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