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Well, this is kind of an “old” game to be reviewing and you would probably argue that. But you would be wrong (HA-HA!). Actually, the main topic here are the latest and frequent updates of Warframe that we as gamers are receiving.

Let me say this so we can be over with it: Warframe as a free-to-play game is undeniable. I´m a big fan and I have lots of fun playing it. Their co-op development which almost rejects Player vs. Player -pvp- at least at a certain point, makes the game totally toxic-free. It´s not simple to create something like that in this gaming universe we have today, but it shouldn’t be simple either. Conflict between players is nonsensical in Warframe, mostly because the game is SO easy. It´s a straight to hell (or to the universe) third person shooter. Get the guns, level up and shoot some alien mofos. That´s it. You don´t like it? Hey kid, it was for free. Just erase the damn game and that would be it. No problem whatsoever. Warframe doesn´t have pay-to-win issues. Of course, if you pay, everything become easier and faster, but in a rather already easy and fast game, it´s a no brainer.

Digital Extreme took the skeleton of his preview release, “Dark Sector” (a 2008 shooter for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC) and some of it concept and developed a MMO that, until Update 14 had most likely, EVERYTHING RIGHT. The game, using the Evolution Engine –used in the above mentioned “Dark Sector” among others-, didn´t required much of our computers. It wasn´t until U14 that everything started to go wrong.

UPDATE 14/15 

It was pretty obvious that Warframe needed a little façade-cleaning. The “Navigation Console” –aka, the interface- was outdated. It didn´t looked bad, don´t get me wrong, but something was coming at high speed in the opposite direction. I mean, Warframe was a small kitty running into a big-ass Japanese TGV. That train´s name was (IS): Destiny. Wait right there. I´m not saying that Warframe and Destiny are the same. Destiny is a FPS. That´s it. The rest is pretty much the same thing. But wait! (Yes, again. Stay still), Destiny has Tyrion Lannister giving you directions. In Warframe you take orders from a lame girl named after a plant. Jeez, “Lotus”, what kind of crappy name is that, you know?

Also: no story.

Anyway, Update 14 brought up an all new design to the Navigation Console. Now you are inside a ship –it even has a cool animation in between mission and it´s fun, don´t judge- and you are able to walk inside it. They modified some graphical aspects that of course generated issues with AMD boards, because obviously. These issues, that were intended to improve the experience created a lot of problems. Warframe was already buggy. After Update 14 we are talking of post nuclear winter buggy. The cockroaches are all there is. Nothing more.

You don´t really know the importance of DirectX until you are forced to play a game without it. A known issue of Warframe obliges you to deactivate DirectX 10 and 11 from the Launcher or you´ll never reach the login screen. It is THAT bad. A lot of players had to lower the visual aspect or the game would simply not run.


When I started to play the game a year ago, you could get most of the things available by playing the freaking game. Items such as warframes, which are a cool spin-off of classes or professions in other games, and the weaponry, leaving the payed stuff to outfits and visual parafernalia. The way was rather straightforward although tiring when you are a low level player. You have to farm the materials and credits by doing missions. You buy the blueprint at the market with the credits you earned. You forge it in the foundry. Give or take a few steps but that was the core concept and it remains the same.

But (there´s always a “but”) since update 14 came up at around august 2014, new weapons and gears are being added to the Market of the game… but not the blueprints. So, either you buy it with Platinum (the money you buy… with money), or you are screwed (APB:Reloaded? Anyone?). You are probably thinking “Ahh, who cares… there are lots of guns to play with”. Yes, indeed, but for you to Level Up as a player inside Warframe, you need to level up warframes and guns. Every frame, and piece of weaponry you level to its max (Level 30) gets you the points for YOU to level up. The solution to that act of douchiness is simple. You don´t. There is, at this moment at least, nothing unlockable by level in the game at the exception of some OP weapons (the Penta, a Primary Weapon that throws grenades that unlocks at level 5, and the Nikanas, a Melee weapon that resembles a… GUESS: Yes, a Katana, yippie-kay-yey). There are a couple more, but don´t worry, the most OP piece of artillery in the game is the “Boltor Prime”, and, as it name indicates, it´s a PRIME Weapon, and their parts are available at “Void Missions”.

If you are not happy with staying at some low level and your ego needs a boost (because you love RPGs or whatever), you can always add some “Formas” to the weaponry or your Warframe. For those of you that don´t play Warframe, what the hell are you reading this for? Anyway, I´ll explain:

Warframes and Weapons have lockers to add “Mods”. These mods improve the quality of those artifacts.  All the mods have “Polarities” (a doodle with strange meaning) and costs, and some of the lockers too. There´s where the “Formas” make their play. This “Formas”, change the polarity of the locker into the one you want (or need) so the cost is reduced. I don´t really know if that has any meaning to you all. It took me a lot of time to understand, but I can say to you, that probably, that´s one of the parts of the game I like the most.

Anyway, the “Formas” are only usable when the warframe/weapon is at level 30 (the top for warframes/weapons), and when you place it, it takes it again to level 0. So the re-leveling becomes infinite. Well, not so much, but still. It´s something.

If you play Warframe since before Update 14 (and you named it “Bugframe”, oh, you are hilarious), you will be disappointed –and with presumable reason- with the updates the game is getting. Archwings, for instance, a great (not-so-original) idea, was delivered poorly, and no-one, and I mean NO-ONE, plays those missions. It´s like Digital Extreme is running a race against some virtual phantom. And it´s losing. It´s a shame. The game is a lot of fun.

On the other hand, if you just downloaded it from Steam (or from Warframe Web), give it a go. It´s free, it has beautiful visuals (if yo
u have a decent graphics card), and the community it´s relaxed, helping and absolutely non-toxic.

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