Spirit Run

“Run, definitely… run”

“Get ready for the run of a lifetime, jump, slide and transform to reach new heights. Created by Lunagames International you play an elemental spirit that has the ability to change form using your spirit powers to change between ice and fire. Match the elements to dash through fire and water hazards. The goal is to get as far as possible and collect elemental orbs to multiply your score. Numerous obstacles need to be overcome if you want to compete with the best on the leaderboards.”

Okay this is the speech of the marketing department AND I need to be hard on this one because the game needs a lot of work.

Spirit Run

Initially, the game claims to have “full controller support” but I would barely even call it “partial” support. You can change the controls of the game when you are prompted to select the game configuration, go to the ‘Input’ tab and make controller input possible… However, this is not “full”.

Then when you actually go to rebind your keys you realize there are only 3 buttons: jump, swap between fire/ice and slide.

You hardly even need a controller since you can’t even move your character freely. That’s not a huge issue, though, the game was designed in a certain way that does not require movement. You just walk along with the world. I really don’t feel their sensation of RUN. Its more like walking, jumping, sliding and changing forms in an endless cycle.

Does the world ever speed up? It seems so slow when you pick up the pace and the game becomes more fast. Imagine Wonder-boy except you have someone else holding down the button to walk and it is your job to jump. I would much rather have the ability to RUN, like actually FAST, but the screen moved at a minimum pace and was rewarded for running faster than the game wanted to go. Having very little control over what is going on is a turn-off, definitely. It becomes a game of rock-paper-scissors very quickly.

We wont get any kind of special powers and forget about enemies. We will need to dodge the same obstacles all over.

The leaderboards are basically non-existant and this game really has this “one more go” itch which makes it a compelling proposition just a dream. I think sometimes you can get a really really bad game and it is still enjoyable if the leaderboard is up to par. This way you can show off your achievements of torture.

Does this game have a good leaderboard? NOPE.

This is what I would like to have:

– A way to see your rank globally

– A way to see your rank among your friends

– A way to browse through all the users’ scores freely

This is pretty standard for a 2015 game, isn’t it?

Is the game worth $2? Hm. Sort of. If it were a bit more polished maybe. Give it a few months for the developer to fix all of these problems. In the meantime you can play it free on your mobile and see if you would like a similar experience on your PC. Yes, this game is available for free on iOS / WP / Android, but $ 2,99 on Steam.

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