Rhythm Heaven
Rhythm Heaven

“Hands clapping and toes tapping.”

No, it ain’t no church. But it’s heaven alright. Rhythm Heaven Fever (Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise in Europe or Minna no ridumu tengoku in Nihon) Created by Nintendo for Wii.

If someone tells you that the more buttons in a game the funnier it is, slap him/her silly face with this game. 95% of the time you’ll be pressing A and only A. But fear not! That is all you need to have a blast with this amazing beat game.

Basics are simple. You are presented with a scenario and you need to react on the beat of a song according to the queue you get from the characters. Sounds complicated in words, but on practice, is just like any other beat game.

There is a wide, and sometimes bizarre, variety of scenarios and songs. You get to be from a mico-organism swimming around to a muscle boxing fighter on an interview. Why not a robot factory worker or maybe a dude or gal taking tambourine lessons from a monkey.

40 levels, 10 mix levels (boss levels), plus mini games that you can unlock by gaining medals beating the regular scenarios.

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The first time you start the game, you’ll have to go through a “test” on how accurate you can be following a beat. If you are fairly good, you’ll be on the game soon. But if you are not, you are up for a painful, frustrating process. Fair warning, there is no way to skip this. So take a deep breath and go for it.

Every time you start a scenario, you’ll get a short training to understand the queues, what to do and when. Silly jokes are all over the explanations. Good news, you can skip this. The first time, I strongly recommend you don’t skip it.

Now, don’t be fool by the cute graphics and songs. You’d be surprised about how hard this could get. I’ve tested this game with musicians, kids and not so young people. Everybody loved it. Fun fact though, the better the musician the worse they played. So there! you don’t need to be a drummer to take this thing.

You can play all games by yourself. Or there is a subset of levels that can be played versus by 2 players.

There is no complicated Story line to follow. Nor names to remember. Just sit , shut your brain down and spend hours trying to hit one button when you have to.