Geometry Dash

How do you make a game with levels so hard to beat that are almost impossible to complete, but fun? How can you make someone enjoy a game where you only need to press one key? Geometry Dash has the answer: You simply mix addictive and fun levels with amazing art and a simple gameplay.

Geometry Dash

The title has been developed and published by RobTop Games, an indie known for titles like Boomlings and Memory Mastermind if you are into mobile gaming (both iOS and Android). Luckily for us, Geometry Dash is also for Steam with 120 achievements and 8 cards for only $ 3,99.

Hard games are only for a few brave souls, I won’t lie. They are not easy by any means (that’s the point, right?), you will become frustrated really fast and if you are into that you will find “a good game”. Now, if the title can make you enjoy that and keep you coming back for more then you are in front of an amazing game. You will lose many times and the fail-counter will achieve ridiculous numbers but you will know the game is being fair, you only need a little bit of practice. If you lose then it is your own fault, there is no randomness or surprises here, and the level of satisfaction one gets from making it to the end can make it all feel worthwhile.

The gameplay is simple: press a key to jump. That’s it. You will find a few glowing objects that will make midair leaps possible, but the main thing here is to time well your jumps. Eventually you will find portals that will slightly change the mechanics transforming you in some sort of flappy-bird ship, or turning the gravity upside-down like VVVVVV, and some of them will even make you go in reverse. Each level is full of obstacles to avoid and touching anything but the floor usually means to start all over again. Succeed and earn bragging rights. And a new character to play with and customize your runner. Neat, right?

The mechanics are solid and probably you won’t find anything new here, but everything is made with an incredible amount of detail. The art -both visuals and audio- are perfect. You will love the electronic music (check our video below) and the variety the game provides. That’s right: You have multiple levels and multiple tracks. The visuals are full of quality effects and at least on PC, you can run it in full HD. This is not another cheap 2D platform runner. You have a huge amount of extras like character customization (both toons and colors), a practice mode with save points when you can’t beat a level, a map editor to share hellish levels with friends or the community (which also means, you know, endless fun downloading tons and tons of leves), achievements, cards, etc. You are receiving a ton of content that will keep you hooked for hours.

Geometry Dash is a tough game that accomplishes something really hard: to provide players a challenge with a fair fighting chance. If the “Impossible Game”, Bit Trip Runner and this kind of genre in general is your thing, you will love it. I know I did.

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