Dragon Age Inquisition
Dragon Age Inquisition

“May the light of Andraste guide you”

Available on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (tested)

There’s one word to describe BioWare’s latest creation: massive. Dragon Age: Inquisition scale is massive and addictive. Roughly 3 years after Dragon Age II release, this new entry in the saga outmatches its predecessor in every field: gameplay, graphics, scale and story.

You can even use massive to describe the first thing you encounter in the game: the character editor features a high amount of options to give life to your inquisitor (I made mine look like me and it’s actually pretty similar). Once race, class and difficulty are selected, your inquisitor appears in the middle of a magic explosion with what it seems to be the ability to close rifts (portals from where demons invade the world). Of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed and it becomes the starting point for our adventure.

Overall, the game is gorgeous; from its pretty graphics through the visual effects and the art design (I loved the tarot cards!). Each region of this huge world is very different from each other, keeping the adventure fresh and making this 90 hours journey a delight to play. Each spell you cast is a visual effect party, making battles flashy and fun.

The game’s musical score matches with the visual aspect and does a splendid job giving that medieval epic fantasy atmosphere (I literally can’t stop listening to the song used for the first time you enter Skyhold). Voice acting is spot on and never felt out of place, though getting used to Cassandra’s voice may take a while.

Talking about battles, combat system is really tight, with some minor issues. I wish my companions AI would have been so well crafted as the visual effects. Instead, sometimes you have your tank drinking potions like they were glasses of water rather than using his tanking skills. A more deep Tactics screen would have been welcome, in order to “program” each companion’s actions in a more efficient way. Another little complaint I have is that, when playing the game with a controller, you have a limited quantity of slots to assign abilities; eight to be more specific. Albeit this is more than enough most of the times, I have found myself choosing between abilities in order to meet the threshold.

The bright side about battles is the tactical camera, a must use feature if you are playing the game in Nightmare difficulty, which proved to be surprisingly challenging. The tactical camera lets you freeze time, plan your party’s actions and finally advance time at your pace with the press of a button. As you can read, Tactical Camera enables you to control the flow of battle in a more accurate way, preventing your party to wipe in 3 seconds.

But, what really makes Dragon Age standout are the options; from the classes specializations to the order in which you want to explore the different locations, from the huge amount of side quests at your disposal to the customization of your castle; I have played about 70 hours, about to finish the main story line playing in nightmare difficulty and have only finished one of the ten locations that the game has… hell, I even have killed only one dragon out of the ten roaming the lands.

I’m more of a JRPG guy, but let me tell you, Dragon Age: Inquisition may be one of the best RPGs I have ever played. It’s incredibly addictive, has a lot of things to do, it’s fun to play and it looks beautiful. If you enjoy RPGs, then you definitely have to pick this game up.


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