Two things before the analysis:

– Early access previews evaluate unfinished games. This title is a work in progress and represents a snapshot of the game at the time of the preview’s publication

– We needed a brawler for PC that successfully resembled Super Smash Bros. We truly needed it.


The indie studio Blue Mammoth makes a huge step forward with Brawlhalla after his first and only game, Dungeon Blitz, a Flash based MMO played via browser that´s available at their website. We had a bit of too-much of these games until a couple of years ago and is gladly meeting the end of the line. That’s why “Brawlhalla” is like I said before a step forward and the correct one.

Brawlhalla is a brawl game (well duh!) that borrows the mechanics of Nintendo’s glorified “Super Smash Bros” by putting small cute characters (up to thirteen in the last update but with space for much more) to beat the crap out of each other using the environment and tools and some artillery.

A common critic between the people trying Brawlhalla is the lack of speed. These kinds of games are known for its fast paced, frenetic gameplay. Brawlhalla, while not exactly a grandpa, actually acknowledge that is rather slow in comparison. However, Zeke Sparkes, the executive producer of the development explains why the game is currently that way and the explanation is pure logic: The game has been thought for network playing and fast punches and sonic moves are much influenced for the kind of connection speed you have. Translation: if you have a lazy connection you´ll be f****d up by players who have good ones. They are currently changing some protocols and ports on the code to see if that improves the experience,but in the meanwhile, this is all we have. And you know what? It´s really really good as it is.


Of course Super Smash Bros owns one big virtue. It gathers characters from Super Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, and a lot of others Nintendo franchises. It plays mostly with your nostalgic heart. Brawlhalla  delivers a pack of thirteen chars you obviously never heard before up to now. In exchange, the designs are awesome and they look really cute with their weapons: the usual daggers and the not so usual rocket launchers which greatly help to give an extra ingredient. They kinda looks like SD versions of larger chars or bobble heads and for free you can change the base color. Also, you may get two skins by buying them with ‘Mammoth Coins’, the in-game money. This characteristic puts the game alongside the popular MOBAs around the world like LoL, DOTA, Smite and else. The game is no longer just a game, but a collector crusade.

If you ask me, in the gaming time I put to Brawlhalla, I enjoyed a lot to use Sir Roland but characters doesn’t feel too much diverse from each other. In a way, the biggest difference between them is the visual aspect. According to developers (they are currently answering every one of the 39 negative reviews on Steam of a grand total of 1250) they are still working on characters: the ones already created and the ones to be included in the near future.

If you want to check out the thirteen characters, you can visit this web.

General Aspect

The game is on its final stage. In a couple of months it will become an open beta and it will remain, hopefully, Free-to-Play as until now. In Steam’s store you are able to buy several packs with collectibles and such that doesn’t add much to the game itself but they help the developers to keep adding awesome stuff.

Visuals are a little under developed. It looks great but maps need more background and more construction and infrastructure. Overall they look nice (the Temple is beautiful and one of the most worked on) but they have the potential to be a lot better. A Steam reviewer wrote something that I can agree on: ‘it would have looked even cooler with pixel art’. Again, adding the nostalgia factor it’s a big thing these days. Nevertheless there are six colorful maps with several platforms to make the game entertaining. Background doesn’t really matter in a game like this like it didn’t matter on Angry Birds, however, is nice to know they will be improved.

The music is a great as it is. A mix of epic tunes with joyful ones. A real hit. Go ahead and check the video below, you won’t be disappointed.

The sounds of beating, mines exploding and long swords cutting the air needs a bit of adjusting but they are on the right track. Probably the offbeat is caused with lagging of internet matches. There wasn’t any particular issue with Arcade, Local or Training Modes. Apart from those is “Custom Online” mode,  that allows LAN matches. That’s the way to go Mammoth. Couch parties for hours.


Brawlhalla is definitely on the way to become a generally pretty good brawler for PC gamers. People will never think of it as nothing more than a Super Smash Bros, however that should not be a problem. It’s a decent role model.  Of course, it needs improvements here and there, but Brawlhalla has no major issues.


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