“Lego on Steroids.”

BESIEGE is an artificial insemination baby. The womb comes from a medieval warfare novel while the sperm is provided by a team of crazy Japanese engineers. Or at least that’s what Spiderling Games’ title made us feel like.

So I’m gonna be completely honest: the game is freaking awesome. The developers worked big time in animation quality, textures, modeling and even the music is quite impressive. It shows effort. It shines. Even the menu with so many options is addictive in a way and innovative… I’m actually HOPING they add more stuff around even if it becomes overwhelming. There is so much room for different weapons and mechanical parts that the amount of fun can only go up.

Unfortunately the campaign only has 15 levels. If you get addicted to the game you will soon realize that 15 levels is too short and you will want more. Way more. Campaign difficulty is not hard enough to make you rage either, at least at this point of development. A sandbox environment filled with hazards and other elements encourages you to experiment with a full range of mechanical parts to toy around as you please.

When you create something (and by something I mean a destruction machine, ok?) you will have to invest many hours trying to make your siege machine just the way you want. This process involves a ton of trial and error. And laughs. And rage. It’s a physics puzzle with a huge amount of options: pistons, hinges, blades, bombs, saws, spikes, cannons, wheels, wings and more. And you have complete freedom to convert them into death machines able to annihilate armies. Did I mention the game is also bloody? Seriously.

I love the possibility to customize the action buttons for the different engines but controls can be clumsy sometimes. In theory you can build several machines at once (I really liked my double air bomb attack with two “planes”) or you can evolve your creation making the ultimate destruction machine like a huge tank filled with cannons and a surprise bomb car inside. Yep. I’m hyped.

The plot in case you haven’t noticed is simple: create a colossal robot like a Metal Gear or make a suicidal plane and cause carnage in fully destructive environments. Ultimately, you must conquer every Kingdom by crippling their castles and killing their men and livestock. In the most creative possible way.

The environments are elegant and simple with fading lights. The music and sounds mix perfectly. You are working in the design of your deadly machine listening an ethereal ambient music that it feels right and heartwarming. The environmental music is filled with birds, cowbells tinkling and water waiting for an explosion or the sound of the arrows flying.

The gaming community is defining the game like a mix of Kerbal SIEGE Program or Leonardo DaVinci inventions with explosions like Michael Bay would like, and I agree. You have so many things that will encourage you to experiment and create amazing machines.

I bet a lot of coins in this Early Game because today it’s rare to find such an innovative title.
Developers already promised more components and levels giving room for more elaborate contraptions. So I recommend to buy the game ASAP (6.99 dollars on Steam, actually version 0.02).

Okay enough talk. I have an idea for carpet bombing…