Battleblock Theater

“Everything’s coming together like butt cheeks!”

The Behemoth is a development studio characterized by a formula that has been a source of laughter and entertainment for PC and console gamers. Simple gameplay. Colorful and detailed worlds. Huge, huge amounts of humor. That is the infallible recipe since we have had the pleasure to enjoy titles like Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid, and this time the eccentric developer surprises us again with Battleblock Theater. It all begins as friendly Hatty Hattington -so friendly that is presented as the friendliest person ever- proposes a fun boat trip with hundreds of friends aboard the Friend Ship (get it?). But our journey becomes a utopia when a sudden and furious storm makes us shipwrecked on a strange island and shortly after, the ship’s crew will be imprisoned by the natives.

All 2D platform/action games veterans will appreciate that Battleblock Theater does not provide tutorials (at least not compulsorily) or annoying messages for the sole purpose of helping understand the game. Everything is friendly, simple and intuitive. From the beginning makes it clear that we collect emeralds, balls of wool, golden hats and occasionally we may encounter hidden levels. All this without forgetting to find the exit for the sole purpose of finding our friend Hatty, who now seems possessed while resting in a chair with a strange red lighted hat. This may or may not complicates our trip a little further. Or our escape. Or everything.

In our long journey we will have to beat over 100 levels full of puzzles that will escalate in difficulty, from the simplest to the most convoluted, through invisible walls and hidden paths that will challenge the skill and speed of our hands, constantly.

If our ability surpasses without much effort the normal difficulty level, we also have the insane mode which will not forgive us absolutely nothing. Each death involves starting the le vel from the beginning, having to collect gems and items again, which seems trivial at first but almost impossible nearing the end.

The jewelry and unique items that we find throughout the levels are also intended to eliminate the monotony of the 100 levels. We can “donate” our jewelry in exchange for the freedom of our prisoner’s friends, to be able to customize your character and some other unique items can be exchanged for weapons of all kinds, from toxic clouds or ice cubes, fireballs and flying bomb-dishes.

If you are one of those cooperative games lovers, you will be happy to know that Battleblock Theater presents a varied amount of online modes if you want to take a break from the single player campaign.

You have a total of 8 modes in coop, all of them with many variants. You will have to try to steal the soul of your friends to score points, or you may want to steal their horse. You can also paint blocks as quickly as possible in a given time. You even have a “basketball” mode. The amount of fun you will get in coop is amazing.

The affordable price and the high amount of fun hours you will have makes Battleblock Theater an excellent choice if you are looking for a a challenging 2D action/platform game. You can also higher your own bar by competing in the online leaderboards. The game highlights in all aspects, from mechanics to his story that seems simple, but is full of drama, betrayal and humor. And for those hardcore players with nimble fingers, story mode on insane difficulty increases the difficulty substantially.